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TikTok is the world’s fastest growing social media platform. Created only a few years ago, the social network now has more than 800 million active users. This platform is based on the creation and publication of short creative videos. If you are wondering if it is possible to make money on TikTok, the answer is of course yes!

There are also influencers who make a figure of several million dollars per year on this application. How do you get there? We tell you everything in this article.

First of all, create a community

As is the same for other platforms such as YouTube and Instagram, the community is the basis for making money on TikTok. These are the people who follow you, watch your content and like it.

To expand your community, it is important to make quality content that will appeal to your audiences. In addition, you can ask your subscribers to also share your content in order to attract new fans.

However, in order to make money on TikTok, it is very important that your community is engaged. For this, we must stay close to the latter. Once your community is created, several opportunities are available to you.

Make Money on TikTok with Subscriber Giveaways

This is the easiest and most convenient method on this platform; but also the least profitable. How does it work?

On TikTok, every user can buy coins with real money. These parts can then be exchanged by virtual gifts. Then, subscribers can send creators freebies to support and encourage them when the content has been interesting.

Finally, the gifts are turned into diamonds in the creators’ accounts and they in turn can turn those diamonds into U.S. dollars in order to withdraw them by PayPal or other services.

The advantage of this method is that it allows you to generate income without resorting to advertisements. The creator can thus stay original in these contents. However, it is not very profitable and can earn a few tens or hundreds of dollars per month, depending on your community.

Make Money on TikTok in 2021 by Selling Successful Accounts

Another way to make money on TikTok is to create, grow, and sell accounts. This method is undoubtedly slow, but can bring in more money than the previous one.

To achieve this, you will first need to create one or more accounts and find a niche to develop interesting content. Then, as before, you need to hunt for subscribers, more specifically to hunt for engaged subscribers. Generally speaking, the higher the number of subscribers engaged, the higher the price of the account.

However, accounts intended for sale are not personal accounts, but deal with a specific theme. In this way, the audience follows the profile not for its owner, but for the content that is published. So subscribers may not even notice the change in ownership if there is one. Now the question is who to sell the account to.

The developed accounts can easily be resold to brands or companies interested in your topic. For example, if you create an account that talks about fashion style and you have a good engaged community, you can easily sell this account to any brand or company that does in the sale of clothes.

Indeed, the objective is that the subscribers are potential customers of the products offered.

Generate income on TikTok by making contacts with brands

As on other social networks, it is also possible to earn money on TikTok thanks to partnerships: brands. Indeed, brands are most often ready to pay a considerable sum to an influencer to make the placement of their products.

When you have an engaged audience that follows you and loves your content, they subconsciously trust you and can therefore trust what you present to them.

Thus, if you have reached a considerable number of subscribers, you can approach the brands in order to sign contracts with them. Of course, as always, the more subscribers engaged, the more brands will be willing to pay to advertise their products.

However, with this method, care should be taken not to overdo it. In fact, if your followers follow you, it’s because of the original content that you offer them (or that you offered them from the start).

So if they find that you are doing a little too much product placement, you may lose audience. It will then be necessary to find a good compromise for the frequency of the advertisements.

Contact with brands can also lead to ethical problems. This happens when the creators promote products of questionable quality. This is why it is advisable to be well informed before making the placement of a product.

Develop your own business on TikTok to generate income

Another effective method for earn money on TikTok in 2021is to sell its own products to its subscribers. This method is profitable because you don’t need a middleman to make money. Indeed, you can sell products that you design or that you import. These can be physical products, virtual products or even training.

Make money on TikTok in 2021: what to remember

The first element to making money on TikTok is an engaged community. The larger it is, the higher the income will be, regardless of the method used. Speaking of method, you can:

  • Establish partnership contacts with brands seeking good visibility on social networks.
  • Create, develop and sell accounts that deal with specific topics.
  • Develop your own business.

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