How to download and view Instagram story without being seen (# 2021)


On Instagram, stories are photos or short videos that disappear 24 hours after being posted. Very often, it can happen that we want to see a person’s stories without them knowing it; or download them. Hence the question to know: How? ‘Or’ What see an Instagram story without being seen.

Normally, the person posting a story has the option of knowing who has seen it and who hasn’t. If you don’t want to be part of the “share view…” list, just follow some tips before viewing the story. Which ones? We explain them to you in detail in this article. As a bonus, we will also see how to upload the stories to Insta, always anonymously.

View Instagram story without being seen using airplane mode

This is definitely the easiest way to view Instagram Stories without being seen. The good news is that it works just as well on Android as it does on iOs. In addition, you do not need any special application.

For those who don’t know, the airplane mode allows you to cut all network connections without affecting the operation of certain applications, as is the case with Instagram. Thus, once activated, you can no longer receive SMS or calls. In addition, you will no longer be connected to the Internet and is it this feature that we will use to see Instagram stories without being seen?

If you are wondering if it is possible to view stories without an internet connection, the answer is yes. To do this, connect to the internet and open your Instagram app. The application will automatically load the feed and also the stories on your page (including the stories of the targeted person). We will therefore have to wait a bit.

Then just switch your phone to airplane mode and view Instagram stories anonymously. Indeed, since they are already loaded in the hidden memory of your phone, you can see them without connection. Moreover, thanks to the fact that you are offline, Instagram may not know that you have viewed the Stories. So you can this way see an Instagram story without being seen.

Use apps to see Instagram story without being seen

As on Facebook where it is possible to view the statues anonymously, some applications also allow you to see stories from your friends on Instagram without them knowing it. The advantage here is that you don’t have to go without your internet connection to get it right. In addition, most of the applications allowing this are easy to use.

We can cite for example StorySaver. This application is available for Android and allows not only to see Instagram story without being seen, but also to Download. To do so, you first have to download the application which is also free.

Then, you will have to connect to your account to have the list of your friends in order to easily find the stories you want to see. However, it is also possible to find the person you want to follow without being seen after a search. Once the target is located, you can safely view their stories.

Warning ! There is a eye icon. This icon is used to adjust whether your views will be taken into account or not. Therefore, if you do not want your views to be counted by Instagram, it is better not to activate it.

The icing on the cake is that you have the possibility to save these statuses on your smartphone. You can then share the story again, or simply review it whenever you want.

For iOS users, there is a similar app that allows you to do almost the same tasks. It is Story Reposter.

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Use the browser to view Instagram stories without being seen

If you don’t feel like downloading an app or going through airplane mode, then this tip is for you. All you need is a browser. The advantage here is that this method also works perfectly with computers. To do this, you must first go to the site

Then you just have to enter the username of the person you want to spy on without arousing suspicion.

And what about downloading Instagram stories?

It happens very often that the story of one of our friends pleases us and that we want to record it. However, Instagram does not normally allow this. As you can imagine, there are also some tips around this.

  • The use of applications

Almost all the applications we mentioned above have a dual role: to download and view Instagram story without being seen. To do this, they are most often provided with a “download” or “download” button in English. In addition, it is a breeze to download Instagram stories; everything is intuitive.

  • Use of websites

If once again you don’t feel like downloading apps to your smartphone, then you can use your browser. Although this method takes longer, it is also effective. Several websites allow you to download Instagram Stories, this is the case of

Why watch stories anonymously?

Even though seeing stories anonymously on Instagram is more tiring and time consuming, there are several advantages to doing so.

First of all, it’s useful in the event that you don’t want to show that you have an interest in someone. It could be your ex or just a friend you don’t get along with very well. In addition, seeing Instagram story without being seen can also help you in the business world. You can spy on the competition without them knowing.


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