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How to prepare your hair for the beach: 5 inevitable pampering


How to protect your hair and show off a screaming hair even by the sea? Simple! Just pamper them a bit before going to the beach (and beyond). Let’s find out how!

Have one light, shiny and soft hair is the dream of many! And even more, having it like this even on the seashore. Impossible feat? Of course not! Just know how to do it by prepping your hair before going to the beach with some little trick and extra attention. Real pampering, to mitigate and hinder the effects that sand, sun, salt and wind can have on the hair, always keeping it beautiful, silky and protected.

A few simple steps to add to your hair routine plus a few healthy beauty trick. To take care of your hair before going to the beach, every day of your vacation. Guaranteeing you hair in perfect health and always beautiful. Impossible not to notice and touch! So here’s what the best care you can give to your hair. A real riot of pampering and good habits!

Pamper your hair with oils

Our hair, just like our skin, needs to be fed and protected from external agents with which they may come into contact. And on the beach there are really many, from the wind to the sand to the salt of the sea water. All elements that can weaken the hair, making it arid and dry, the classic frizz effect that we often find ourselves in the head at the end of the summer.

To protect and pamper your hair before going to the beach, however, they can be applied to the hair of protective and nourishing oils, which allow you to shield the hair from external attacks, always keeping it healthy and strong. Perfect, for example:

  • coconut oil;
  • jojoba;
  • argan oil;
  • flax seed;
  • etc.

In addition to preferring more specific oils if you have dyed or bleached hair. But not only.

Green light to the masks

Even if they are not to be used daily, in fact, a good habit to include in your hair routine (especially when you are on vacation) is to apply moisturizing and super nourishing masks on the hair. To restore and maintain the right balance to the hair. Throughout the summer (and beyond).

In addition to those based on the oils already mentioned, by keep on for about 20/30 minutes, even those that contain aloe vera are perfect. Excellent for the care of the scalp, helping it to fight the redness that can be generated with exposure to the sun. In short, an extra pampering for your hair that is really worth trying! One last tip? Also try the after sun masks, a post-beach caress for which your hair will thank you!

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Hair and beach, in one word protection

Taking care of your hair also means guaranteeing maximum protection. In fact, just like the skin, our hair also needs to be shielded from UV rays. Super healthy attention is the easiest way to secure yourself hair always shiny and silky. But how can we adequately protect them? With specific products to shield them from the harmful effects of the sun and from the action that salt and sand have both on the stem and on the skin of the head.

This is why it is important apply a protective spray to your hair with a high SPF protection factor, massaging the lengths and scalp for a few seconds. A real beauty pamper to protect the hair before going to the beach and for the rest of the day.

hair protection

Choose the right hairstyle for your hair

And when it comes to how to pamper your hair, you can’t help but think about it too a thousand ways to enhance them with always different and super trendy hairstyles:

  • one, two or more braids (classic, French, herringbone, etc.);
  • chignon;
  • space buns;
  • pony tail or a low tail.

The important thing is never to tie them too tightly and always opt for soft elastics, bands, a bandana or scarves.

Lots of possibilities, one more beautiful than the other and all perfect for protecting your hair while you are on the beach. But always guaranteeing you show off a super trendy hairstyle and of great charm.

hair hairstyles

Beach hairstyles or… blow-dry hairstyles!

But that is not all. Some of these hairstyles, in fact, allow you to do dry your hair naturally, avoiding stressing them with the heat of the phone and allowing you to obtain a very smooth hair (if you opt for large curlers or Kardoune) or splendid beach waves.

A double cuddle, therefore, both for the beauty of your hair, with a fabulous look, and for their health.

Pamper your hair for the beach? Focus on hydration

Well yes. Our hair needs to drink too. Or rather, to be always well hydrated. The reason? Prevent them from cracking, drying out, becoming dry and dull and weakening. This is why, as well as for our body in general, thewater is an essential element for hair care. Drinking a lot and regularly during the day, for example, is the number one step to take care of the beauty of your hair, especially during the hot season.

But it is not the only one. Another way to carefully hydrate the hair, protecting it from the risk of dryness, is to apply special sprays, from moisturizing and thermo protective properties. Able to maintain the right level of “liquids” inside the hair shaft, preserving its health. To be applied both before going to the beach and during, between a game of beach volleyball and a swim in the sea.

water hair

Pre beach snack? Green light for fruit and vegetables

What does nutrition have to do with taking care of your hair? All! Food, in fact, is able to bring many benefits to the body, including the hair. That’s why, even when it comes to how pamper your hair before going to the beach a space in particular must also be given to the choice of what you eat. Nothing complicated of course, but just a few small changes of habit (if you don’t already!)

Sure, many people like having breakfast with cappuccino and croissants, but what do you think about opting for a nice one fruit salad, or a fruit and vegetable smoothie or centrifuge, a very rich mix of essential vitamins for hair care and an unparalleled source of protection, strength and beauty. All accompanied by a beautiful cup of green tea, with great antioxidant properties and able to help the hair remain “young” and healthy, preventing aging. A pre-beach snack tasty, fresh and super healthy. For you and your gorgeous hair.

fruit hair

Small gestures that, in addition to pampering your hair by preparing it for the beach, will be able to make it stronger, healthier and shinier day after day. For a look that is always on top and dream hair both by the sea and anywhere else.


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