who is talisa ravagnani

Who is Talisa Ravagnani: all about the new tissue


Beautiful, blonde hair and light eyes. It is the identikit of the new tissue from Strip the News of the 2021-22 season. Despite her young age, she is already known on the small screen thanks to her career as a dancer, carried out in Italy and overseas.

Who is Talisa Ravagnani

Born in 2001, just twenty years old: Talisa was born in Milan but until the age of 13 she lives in Dubai. Immediately he discovered a passion for dance, so much so that he devoted himself body and soul to it. Still a teenager, on vacation in Los Angeles, the opportunity of a lifetime has happened. While spending the summer with her older sister, Talisa auditioned for one prestigious dance school and was chosen.

He passed then 4 years away from home and his family, intent on studying and pursuing his career.


During her stay in the States she managed to join the dance troupe of Selena Gomez, appearing in the video of the singer of Look at her now.

In 2019 he decides to return to Italy and takes part, overcoming them, in the casting of Friends. It is thanks to the nineteenth edition of the program that it acquires a certain notoriety in the Bel Paese. In the talent show Talisa was considered one of the most promising dancers, even managing to get to the evening. The following year he joined the dance troupe of the school and that of de The masked singer.

In June 2021, her next career change is announced: Talisa has in fact been chosen to be the new one vellum of Striscia la Notizia, with Giulia Pelagatti, she is also a dancer of Amici. The girls replace Mikaela Neaze Silva and Shaila Gatta.

Private life and curiosity

In Amici’s school she had a flirtation with the dancer Javier Rojas, however, finished very quickly. She is currently engaged to Mike Cugnata, template.

Together with Selena Gomez she also performed at the American Music Awards. She is passionate about surfing and very attached to Italy, as shown by the words “made in Italy”Tattooed on his right arm.

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