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Who is Joele Milan: all about the new tronista


To keep you company, the 13 September 2021, Men and Women, the most popular dating program on Italian TV. As always, at hours 14:45 on Channel 5, finally after the long summer break, you can listen to the advice of Maria De Filippi.

For this twenty-fifth edition, we will have special tronista; let’s find out together Joele Milan, who he is, where he comes from and how he chose to find his love in Men and women.

Who is Joele Milan

Joele Milan has 26 years, born in Mirano in 1995, and is of Venetian origin. He graduated in Accounting and Corporate Information Systems. He has always been a sports enthusiast, in particular loves football and basketball.

He currently works for one dealership in his city. Another of his passions are i tattoos. So women, if you love the tattooed man, Joele has arm and chest covered with tribals, but in the center of the chest there is a tattoo different from the others, an owl.

Why Joele Milan participates in Men and Women

Joele has suffered for love. It transpires from the anticipations, that in his presentation video he talks about this relationship ended due to a betrayal of her with one of her closest friends. Definitely a bitter morsel that made Joele more wary and less trusting in relationships. The desire to fall in love has not lost her, however, in fact she will try to find love in one of the suitors.

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