Who is Matteo Fioravanti: all about the new tronista


Waiting for the airing of the next season of Men and women the participants are revealed. There is also among them Matteo Fioravanti, but who is the new tronista? Let’s find out more about the competitor’s life together and why he decided to participate in the program.

Who is Matteo Fioravanti

Roman and twenty-four: the young Matteo has been officially announced on social profiles of the broadcast as one of the new tronists from Maria De Filippi. In the presentation video, the boy told a little about himself, revealing some more details about his private life, thus making himself known to the public and to the suitors ready to meet him. What things he loves most in the world? His dog, the football and especially the family.

A tattoo features the names of his mom, dad and siblings.

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Family life and passions

Matteo comes from a humble family and has always lived in one popular development in the heart of Rome, where he lives with his parents and four older brothers (in addition to the beloved dog named Sydney).

Growing up in such a large family wasn’t easy, especially because his parents had to work hard to be able to give a dignified life to their children. One thing has never been lacking at Fioravanti: a lot of love.

Even though we didn’t have designer shoes, they never made us lack for anything. I am not ashamed to say that there were some difficult moments in which it was the candles that lit up the house, but dad with so many sacrifices always got up and rolled up his sleeves. And for this I respect him very much.

Matteo has always loved football, starting playing when he was only 5 years old. Knowing very well the value of sacrifice and of working hard little by little he managed to make his way, becoming a professional footballer in Spain. But he recently had to quit due to Covid and some injuries. To help around the house he started collaborating with his father in his gastronomic business, also delivering pizzas at home on weekends.

The desire for a love story

But what prompted this young guy to join the Channel 5 dating show? Matteo is single for 3 years now, has had an important relationship in the past that ended because love was over. As he himself revealed, he would like to wake up next to the person he has a feeling for, not just any unattached girl. And he also added that he is not interested in a model, because for him beauty hides in imperfection.

To occupy the other seats, together with Matteo, there will also be Roberta, Joele And Andrea Nicole, for a new, highly anticipated and very rich edition of Men and Women.

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