Who is Andrea Nicole Scavuzzo: all about the new tronista


In autumn 2021 the audience of Maria De Filippi will know one new tronista from Men and women. Who is Andrea Nicole Scavuzzo, the new participant? She is the first born man and woman after a long transition to take part in the program.

Who is Andrea Nicole Scavuzzo

Andrea Nicole Scavuzzo is 29 years old, comes from Milan and works as a clerk in a clothing store. Born only Andrea, a 15 years shows the will to embark on a transition path for sex change. It was not an easy process, neither for her nor for her parents, as she revealed herself.

For them it was a shock, an understandable reaction. I gave them time to metabolize, get informed, think about it. At 18 I officially started the journey and they saw how my life, my mood was changing. They realized it was the right choice for me.

The transition path

Andrea Nicole has always known she was a woman, but growing up, especially at the beginning of adolescence, she had to repress her true identity. This is why the decision to start the transition was a real liberation for her.

It was the best time of my life, I always had a look that mirrored my femininity with very soft features. When I started the transition I was also happy because the others could see Andrea, this time as a female name.

Even the first name for her it is very important: her brother chose it when her mother was pregnant, so she never wanted to change it. Having completed the transition, he just decided to add Nicole. In fact, she doesn’t like being defined transgender, as this term indicates who is still facing the transition period. For her it ended between 2012 and 2013, so today she is a woman in all respects and wants to be considered as such.

Men and women

The decision to land on Canale 5 is another important step in his life, to face some fears and insecurities who have never allowed her to fully experience love and its relationships.

For years I have run away from love, I have always felt unsuitable, inferior to other women. Maybe not enough for the person who was by my side. This sense of helplessness with respect to my inadequacy has always made me flee before I had to, I decided to participate in order to defeat my fears. By telling my story I will immediately understand the reaction of those in front of me.

The family, very reserved, has some doubts about his participation in Men and Women. They are indeed concerned about the media hype which can arouse its presence, as well as the bad things that could strike it. Andrea Nicole, however, says she is ready and able to face any difficulty. He hopes he can meet an understanding man, intelligent, able to look beyond and accompany her.

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