who is giulia pelagatti

Who is Giulia Pelagatti: all about the new tissue


Together with the very young Talisa Ravagnani, will go up on the most coveted counter in Italy for the daily stacchetti: who is Giulia Pelagatti, between career and private life of the new blackberry tissue of Striscia La Notizia.

Who is Giulia Pelagatti?

After Shaila Gatta and Mikaela Naeze Silva, it’s time for changes in the historical program of Canale 5, Striscia La Notizia.

Their place, after 5 years of daily stacchetti, will be taken by the very young professional dancers Giulia Pelagatti And Talisa Ravagnani. Two faces already known to Mediaset talent lovers. Both, in fact, are two alumni of Amici di Maria De Filippi. Pelagatti, in particular, was then part of the Colorado corps de ballet, the comedy program of Italia Uno.

A new adventure, therefore, for Giulia, who on Instagram boasts a following of 118 thousand followers and loves to show off during photo shoots and dance rehearsals.

Certainly, his popularity is set to grow thanks to his new role.

Who is Giulia Pelagatti: career

Giulia Pelagatti’s career in the world of dance starts from an early age.

Tuscany, originally from Prato, the city where she was born 22 years ago, she began to be passionate about dancing as a child and was immediately repaid with great professional satisfaction. Her talent led her to be part of the FIDS, the Italian sports dance federation, with which he competed in various competitions throughout Italy.

who is giulia pelagatti

A big leap in her career took place in 2016, when she was chosen to be part of the cast of the students of the talent show Amici di Maria De Filippi. Although it did not arrive among the competitors of the evening, this was the beginning of important projects. Shortly after, in fact, she joined the Colorado dance troupe. Pelagatti’s skill, however, was not recognized nationally, but also abroad. The dancer has in fact obtained a scholarship to the Conservatory of Dance of Phoenix.

And now, with the start of television programming in September, fans of Strip The News, they will be able to see it every night on the counter.

Who is Giulia Pelagatti: private life

Of the private life of Giulia Pelagatti not much is known. Her Instagram profile, in fact, does not contain photos in the company of possible boyfriends.

As often happens, however, during Amici, the young woman had a flirt with one of the other contestants. In this case the lucky one was none other than Riccardo Marcuzzo, better known by the pseudonym Riki. The singer, however, has never confirmed this alleged approach.

Shortly after leaving the talent, the dancer had, in fact, declared:

With Riccardo there was something and it was mutual, but he made me pass for that crazy one because he didn’t want to say anything while we were inside. Dear Riki, I would like to forget you but I can’t.

From that moment on, nothing more was known regarding Giulia Pelagatti’s love life. Who knows if now, finding herself more in the spotlight for the role of tissue, she will let herself be influenced by gossip or will continue on the line of confidentiality.

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