Who is Steve Carell:

Who is Steve Carell: all about the actor


Steve Carell has played numerous roles in his film career, but surely one of those that has made him best known is that of Michael Scott in “The Office”. Let’s find out about the career and other successes of the well-known American actor.

Who is Steve Carell

Steven John Carell (born August 16, 1962) is an American actor. He grew up in the state of Massachusetts with his father, an electrical engineer, and his mother, a psychiatric nurse. During his high school years he works hard to fit in world of advocacy and thus obtains a degree from Denson University.

However, he understands that his greatest passion is acting and so it enters the industry through Chicago’s Second City Theater.

In 1997 he obtained his first permanent role on television for the series “Over the Top” which, however, closed only after 4 episodes, temporarily interrupting his career.

Steve Carell’s debut

In 2002 he returned to the small screen with some episodes of “Watching Ellie” making himself loved a lot for the character of Edgar to whom much more space is dedicated over the course of the following season. There television bad luck he repeats himself two years later with “Come to Papa” where he gets a permanent role again, but for only four episodes.

However, he manages to redeem himself when the series is recorded “The Office”, with which he gets great success, and the film “A Week from God” where he stars alongside Jim Carrey. During this period he then gets a part in “Melinda and Melinda” directed by Woody Allen and is chosen as the protagonist of the film “40 years virgin” where he presents himself to the public as a great comedian. In 2006 he then took part in the cast of the film “Little Miss Sunshine”, winner of numerous film awards.

Who is Steve Carell:

Steve Carell and the great successes

Back on the big screen in 2011 with the film “Crazy, Stupid, Love” alongside a great cast that includes Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. The following year he gets a part in “Seeking love for the end of the world” and “The marriage that I want”.

Among the other great successes of the American actor he remembers “Foxcatcher – An American Story” where he plays the coach John Eleuthere du Pont with whom he receives nominations including one for best actor at the Oscars. In 2018 he is also the protagonist of “Vice – The man in the shadows” alongside Christian Bale and Amy Adams.

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