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How to prepare your hair for the beach: the best hairstyles


Beach hairstyles? No problem! Here are many different and original possibilities to arrange your hair in a truly unique way, keeping it protected and healthy even by the sea.

Summer, desire for the sea, the beach and fun! But also of a dizzying tan, of always new and original outfits and of super trendy beach hairstyles. But which are the best ones to show off to guarantee the hair maximum protection and care from external agents but without losing any charm and glamor?

There are so many and one more beautiful than the other. Suitable (or to be adapted) to long, short, straight, wavy or curly hair. But always with that touch of absolute uniqueness that will make you the true protagonists of the summer. Here are some suggestions for super cool beach hairstyles. Original, practical and of absolute charm.

Beach waves, the summer hairstyle par excellence

Password simplicity. But also naturalness and charm. For those who love to feel the wind in their hair and the freedom to always feel soft and light, the ideal hairstyle is one: the classic and timeless beach waves. For those who already have natural wavy hair, you will only need to let them air dry, always protecting them with a spray with a high SPF factor before going to the beach and before / after each bath. The rest will be done by the sea salt, the wind and the sun.

For those who, on the other hand, want to make them from scratch, there are many different ways to experiment. Leaving the hair gathered in one, two or more braids to dry, twisting the hair into the belt of a bathrobe, making one or more buns overnight. In short, there are really many ways to get beautiful beach waves to show off on the beach, guaranteeing your hair the right way maximum protection, minimum stress and all the beauty it deserves.

Hairstyles with the bandana: the chignon

Another beach hairstyle (and not only), really perfect is the chignon. A hairstyle to arrange and collect the hair in a simple, soft way, without stressing the hair or tightening it too much. But be careful because we are not just talking about the classic chignon.

To protect the foliage even more from the external agents typical of the beach and for show off a really trendy look, you can embellish your hairstyle by tying it with a bandana. Perfect for giving color to the hair and shielding the hair shaft with a veil. As if to say, beauty and protection in one move.

bandana chignon hairstyles

Top Knot what a passion!

And remaining on the chignon theme, one of the trendiest beach hairstyles, excellent for protecting hair and guaranteeing beauty and health, is the Top Knot, that is a high chignon. To realize without paying too much attention to the shape, soft and super natural. To be embellished with a couple of tufts dropped at the sides on the face and rolling a soft braid on the top of the head.

The important thing is that the hair is not too clean as this hairstyle tends to come loose. So perfect to do after applying a protective oil to shield the hair from UV rays. Then you just need:

  • perform a high ponytail;
  • fix the hair on the head, rolling it starting from two opposite strands and securing them with an elastic or bobby pins;
  • enlarge the chignon with your hands to give it volume and softness.

And that’s it! Seeing is believing!

top knot hairstyles

Never without braids

One of the most used beach hairstyles and that never gets tired. A style that perfectly mixes your little girl side with a tremendously chic and always trendy soul. We are talking about the braiding. To be worn in a classic way, which fall on the shoulders, or to be made very close to each other, to cover only the central part of the back.

And to protect the hair? Before making them, pass an oil or a protective lotion over your hair, strand by strand, and take care not to tighten your braids too tightly. Leaving them soft and super sexy.

braids hairstyles

Braids and pigtails

For those who want to stand out even more, it is possible to create a mix of super wow hairstyles: braids and pigtails. And doing it is really very simple. Just make two low and very soft braids, stopping them at half the length of the hair. Then continuing with the pigtails from the middle of the hair to the end. A perfect beach hairstyle to protect and enhance your hair.

What if the braid was one?

Also in this case, in addition to the classic traditional low braid, you can indulge yourself at elaborate more particular hairstyles and trendy as:

  • the side braid, soft and super refined;
  • the spike one;
  • the braid that starts from the forehead and ends at the side;
  • the one made in the center of the head with the rest of the loose hair falling on the back;
  • etc.

Many possibilities to create an ever new and stylish braid Front page beach hairstyles.

braid hairstyles

Day and night hairstyles? Try pony tail

Unique, timeless, suitable for any occasion, both during the day and in the evening. It is one of the most practical and fascinating hairstyles to show off on the beach. There ponytail or high tail, it’s really a “never again” of hairstyles. Especially when it comes to hair looks for the summer and for the sea.

The perfect way to prevent hair knots from forming due to wind or sand. Always keeping them well cared for and protected. For a top-notch look both outside and inside the water.

tail hairstyles

Space buns unique and original

Cheerful, fun, original and iconic. Space buns are one of the cutest hairstyles suitable for the beach. And making them is really a breeze. All you need is:

  • divide the hair in half, as when making pigtails;
  • tie them on the top of the head, backcombing them a little to give them volume with the help of a brush or a comb;
  • twist the hair on itself (for both pigtails), fixing the chignon with one or more hairpins.

And your space buns are ready! A truly unique look and a super trendy way to protect your hair.

space bun hairstyles

Braids without worries

If your concept of summer has everything to do with the desire to amaze, then you cannot do without make beautiful braids. A truly exceptional look, which allows you to have your hair always perfectly styled and of protect them 24 hours a day with minimal effort.

A hair look that is well suited to those who love to change their hairstyles according to the season and to those who want to opt for a solution that lasts the entire period of your fantastic holiday. How to say, less thoughts more fun.

Hairstyles with il foulard, between past and future

A classic among beach hairstyles is the scarf. A timeless accessory, also sported by the great actresses of the past and always in fashion. The reason? His enormous versatility and the great ability to adapt to any type of hair or cut.

Protecting the hair from direct sunlight and other atmospheric agents but always with a super cool, refined touch that mixes the atmospheres of retro hairstyles with the most modern and trendy ones. On every occasion that presents itself to you!

headscarf hairstyles

Beach hairstyles? Never without a hat

Finally, to be sure to guarantee maximum protection for your hair, keeping it in perfect health even on the beach, the must-have of the summer is undoubtedly the hat. And in particular that of wide-headed straw.

Perfect to combine on any type of hair and also in addition to the previous hairstyles. For a super romantic look with a side braid, more ironic with two braids, a little wilder paired with loose hair, etc.

The only limit is your imagination and the desire to experiment with new and special hairstyles. Always remembering that the beauty of your hair also depends a lot on how much and how you take care of it, with adequate protection and the right attention. Showing off a healthy and super trendy hair, even on the beach.


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