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Who is Nicola Pisu: all about Patrizia Mirigliani’s son


September 13, 2021 Alfonso Signorini inaugurates the sixth edition of Big Brother Vip. Among the competitors there is also Nicola Pisu, son of Patrizia Mirigliani.

Who is Nicola Pisu

His name is perhaps new to most of the Italian audience, but 32-year-old Nicola Pisu has a great tradition behind him in the television world.

His mother, in fact, is Patrizia Mirigliani, daughter of the historic patron of Miss Italy Enzo Mirigliani. Patrizia supported her father in organizing the competition starting in 1989, taking over from him definitively in 2003. It was Nicola who suggested to his mother that he make a docufilm about his grandfather Enzo, presented at the Rome International Film Festival in 2021. Nicola is Antonello Pisu, entrepreneur and ex-husband of Patrizia, who currently lives in Trentino.

The two parents, despite being separated, share concerns for their son and are interested in supporting him in his rehabilitation process.

Drug addiction and rehabilitation

Since he had 18 years Nicola had big problems with drugs.

He was severely addicted, and his mother had tried everything to get him to stop: shelters, community. But faced with yet another request for money and her increasingly violent behavior, Patrizia decided to report it. In an interview with Silvia Toffanin he said:

I denounced my son to save him, there was no other solution. When you make a decision like this, you make it because you are alone. A mother’s pity doesn’t help a child. When the complaint arrived, he wanted to avenge himself by telling the press everything, but today he thanks me because I gave him a way to think, he understood that I was desperate to do this.

This proof of his love has in fact saved Nicola, who is finally fine today and has finished with drugs. He reached a new awareness, realizing that drugs annihilate the conscience, and he said goodbye to the rambling life he used to have.

Big Brother Vip 6

The curiosity is growing to see him in the most popular reality show of Canale 5, where he will finally be able to tell his story and, as his mother hopes, be an example of hope for young people who, like him, have abused drugs. It will be an edition of Big Brother not to be missed!

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