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5 hair colors for the zodiac signs of Air


If you too were born under a sign dominated by the element of air, then you absolutely cannot fail to try a very original change of look. By opting for a new, original and super trendy hair color. Here are the best shades and all to try!

THE zodiac signs of Air I’m Twins, Aquarius And Weight scale, characterized by intelligence, sagacity, sociability and great communication skills. They never like to be alone, they always want to be surrounded by the people they care about and show themselves in their beauty and liveliness.

This communicative and imaginative character also translates into their look, which is anything but ordinary. Their goal is to innovate and be seen, even when it comes to hair.

Blond hair with pastel pink tips

For a look a bit fairytale, a bit punk (you remember Avril Lavigne and her inseparable skateboard) and a bit chic, the signs of Aria especially with light hair can only try a nice blond with pastel pink tips. In this way, they can express their refined and gentle soul, sometimes a bit of a dreamer, which has always characterized them.

This hairstyle it is usually chosen by women who love fashion and style and who always want to be glamor. It is also good for all ages, the important thing is not to overdo it and always consider the combination with your complexion and your eyes!

Strawberry pink hair for the most unconventional personalities

L’Aquarius especially it has a lot of character bold, provocative And nonconformist, which leads him to proceed always following his own wishes. He therefore acts very often without worrying about what others think, showing his willingness to express himself according to his own canons and tastes.

For this reason, even in the look she may want to dare and experiment with new styles, sometimes with the “risk” of attracting a lot of attention. That’s why, if you are a woman of an Air zodiac sign, you might try a nice one strawberry red. This is an extravagant mat that looks incredibly good on both light-eyed and dark-eyed people. If you also want to proceed with a nice cut, perhaps for a courageous change of look, combine this nuance with a helmet very smooth with bangs and scaled on the sides of the face.

Raven hair for the elegant and tidy woman

There Libra woman is always chic, refined And vain, loves to be constantly in order and cared for. This perfection also translates into hairstyles that can only be flawless and cared for down to the smallest detail.

A color that is definitely for you is the jet black: a concentrate of elegance and sensuality that attracts attention. The hair of this nuance never goes out of fashion and is perfect for any season and also for complexion. Traditionally it is said that being comfortable with this hair is a prerogative of people with darker complexions (especially olive and amber), but in reality even those with fair skin can choose this option.

This choice, however, must be made with an awareness: it is necessary to take care of the hair to keep it always shiny and shiny. The risk that they fade, become dull and darken the face, is indeed very high.

black hair girl

We must not underestimate the fact that black hair always needs to be kept under control because of the regrowth. This is likely to be very visible especially if you go to cover a clear base.

Last but not least … Consider yours facial shape to understand whether to make your hair raven. Usually this tint tends to enhance and highlight the facial features considerably, therefore it is more suitable for one with a regular shape.

Freedom and balayage

Aquarius is an air sign (unlike what one might mistakenly think from the name) with a free spirit and strongly independent.
She can demonstrate this strength and independence even with her hair, perhaps by keeping a nice long hair and making it bright and shiny with the balayage. This lightening technique, which should not be confused with streaks and shatush, is very natural. It is made, in fact, through vertical brushstrokes that allow to obtain a much more nuanced effect. The other two methods, on the other hand, produce much greater contrast.

Balayage is suitable for all hair types, the important thing is that it is done professionally, taking into account the starting color and the characteristics of the complexion. In short, for an Aquarius with an irresistible sun-kissed appearance, this lightening is irresistible!

Blue hair I like you

Okay, for some it will seem too much flashy, but for those who have the courage to dare (especially Gemini) with an incredible color also loved by VIPs (think of Katy Perry), the blue it’s perfect!

It looks great on both women with rosy complexion, both those with olive complexion. If, on the other hand, your complexion tends to green and you have a beige undertone, it is best to avoid this shade because it does not suit you.

Pair your hair with a nice red lipstick or eye-catching eye makeup and get ready to sparkle!

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