Who is Martina Tini Stoessel: all about the actress


Martina Tini Stoessel, also known only as Tini, is an Argentine dancer, actress, singer and model. She is known for her role as hero in the soap opera Violet.

Who is Tini Stoessel

Born in Buenos Aires on 21 March of 1997 from the mother Spanish Mariana Muzlera, while her father Alejandro Stoessel is of origin German.

Martina is not an only child, in fact she has one older brother named Francisco.

Martina, with the father record producer, right from the start it was directed towards the world of art. He studied singing, piano, musical comedy, musical theater and dance.

Tini’s debut is alone 10 years, when in 2007, he took part in the famous Argentine telenovela Patty’s World. Here, Martina plays the role of a assistant which bears his own name.

This is a minor role than the one from hero which he will get later in 2012. At the age of 14, therefore, it becomes Violet Castillo, the protagonist of the telenovela Violetta which, in Italy, was previewed by Disney Channel.

Despite her starring role, she also boasted of being one of the youngest actresses in the cast. Thanks to his interpretation he gets the prize Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award in the Favorite Latin American Artist category.

The series is about this girl who, due to her father’s job, is forced to change cities. From Madrid he returns to Buenos Aires in his old home. Here he will register, without his father’s knowledge Studio21, a singing, dancing and acting school. Among the “classmates” we also find Lodovica Comello, famous to the Italian public also for being the presenter of Italia’s Got Talent.

Violetta’s life span was 3 seasons, but already in 2013 the theatrical tour entitled “Violetta – The concert”. Here Tini began his career as a singer, learning to deal with an audience. In 2014, she also becomes a writer publishing her own autobiography entitled Simply Tini, Simply Tini.

Violetta’s seasons ended, before return In the 2016 with the film “Tini, the new life of Violetta”, participated in other television programs, including The coming year, Dancing with the stars, I’ll leave you a song; all of Italian production. Along with the film, his is also released first music album titled Tini. His according to album, Quiero Volver, is published as Martina Stoessel and no longer as Violetta.

The love life of Tini

Her love life has seen three important boyfriends. The first, very young, in 2013 with the actor Peter Lanzani until their breakup in 2015. Nel 2016 he then scooped his relationship with the famous Spanish model Pepe Barroso Silva, even there, however, it ended after two years in 2018, the first year the couple had already suffered a crisis. In 2020 she was engaged to the Colombian singer Sebastián Yatra, which, however, seems to be finished in May 2020 and now it seems that he is with the Inter player Correa.

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