How to prepare your hair for the beach: care for the scalp


The scalp is the most forgotten part of the body when on the beach and the consequences are sunburn and weakening of the hair. Better run for cover.

When you go for one Sea Holiday, or simply for a hit and run day, the moment of preparation of the bag for the beach it is one of the most crucial. The time spent reviewing every object inside is almost Infinity but despite this almost always you forget to take something with you to protect your scalp.

This mistake, however, could cost you really dearly, since it is a particularly sensitive area of ​​the body and that deserves the right attention, in order to avoid nasty surprises. Sunburn tops the disaster list that could happen to you if you forget to take care of the scalp but they are not the only ones, since even the hair, and not just the skin, over time suffers from the oversight.

So here it is how and why to take care of the scalp on the beach and in the days following intense sun exposure.

Why it is important to preserve the scalp

The scalp is the area of ​​the head on which the hair. This last act as a partial barrier against external aggressions but not covering it entirely they are not enough.

In summer, especially if you spend a lot of time on the beach, there are many ifsactors who can harm it, first of all a ‘sun exposure definitely more intense than the rest of the year. Also saltiness And sand however, they are definitely not among the friends of the scalp.


Not protecting the scalp on the beach can lead to various problems, which arise from events that are far from rare: the sunburn. The head, in fact, is one of the most exposed and sensitive parts of the body when we stay a long time under the sun the rays hit it directly, so this risk is really around the corner.

If this happens, the skin of the scalp she suffers a trauma that leads her to age faster and to increase the chances of very serious ailments, first of all the melanoma.

In addition, intensive exposure to sunlight is harmful to the hair, since such an assault it can compromise the functionality of the hair bulbs and block their natural evolutionary process, until the hair falls out, which is not always able to grow back.

Not to mention that even those that already make up your flowing hair risk to squeeze if the scalp from which they arise is put to the test.

In short, we are facing a series of more or less serious problems that it would undoubtedly be advisable to avoid by taking care of the scalp on the beach.

How to cover your scalp on the beach

The strategy to be carried out on the beach to try to minimize the chances of ending up with a burned scalp, or even just visibly red, they are different and all super simple. The most immediate is to cover it, simply resorting to hair and headdress.

Avoid certain hairstyles

You’ve probably never noticed but there are some hairstyles that expose the scalp more than others to external agents.

In general, all those that involve pulling and separating the nocks of hair a lot to be realized it would be better to avoid them when you go to the beach.

While they are undeniably quite comfortable, then stay on stay away from pigtails because to make them it is necessary to divide hair into small sections and start tightening them right from the hairline. This also leaves parts of the scalp uncovered which, on the other hand, remain in the shade with loose hair.


Collect them like this

Thumbs up, however, for the soft ponytail and it chignon, which instead act as a natural hat to the scalp.


Don’t forget the hat

While strategically worn hair can go a long way, it’s not enough.

When you go to the beach, therefore, make sure you always have a hat with you, to use as much time as possible. Ideal and super trendy, the wide-brimmed straw one but if it doesn’t meet your tastes you can replace it with bandanas or foulard colored.

Always use protection

In addition to physical barriers, it is important not to forget about the ones that can come from protective lotions.

The skin of the scalp, in fact, is identical to that of the rest of the body, so it must be covered with an SPF filter.

The solutions ideal for this area of ​​the head are those in spray because once sprayed they leave no traces and therefore ndo not weigh down the hair, which must be treated with specific products.

Forget the creams instead, with which you would risk creating a decidedly unmanageable mush. You can choose this type only if your head is completely shaved and the hair is not an obstacle, even if in any case, it remains the least comfortable one.


Continue the treatment at home

Once you get home, don’t forget about the scalp but nuse it by washing your hair with moisturizing and soothing products that help him overcome the stress accumulated under the sun.



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