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Who is Elisa D’Ospina: all about the curvy model


A degree in Communication Sciences and a specialization in Psychology, Elisa D’Ospina she is the most famous Italian curvy model in the world: here is who she is, what she does and some curiosities about her.

Who is Elisa D’Ospina

Elisa D’Ospina is one curvy model, presenter, columnist and TV personality.

Born in Vicenza in 1983, she began her career in the fashion world in 2007. Size 46/48, made his body a pride and a trademark. She graduated in Communication Sciences and has a major in Psychology.

Over the years she has built a career both in the world of fashion shows and on television. It is indeed fixed columnist in many broadcasts, in which his commitment has always been one: raise awareness against bodyshaming.

Its main strength is to unite the fashion universe of the catwalks with pro battles normalization of the body, whatever size it is.

Up Instagram has a large following, his profile almost boasts in fact 340 thousand followers, who, on a daily basis, can admire the model in sexy shots, but also get to know her through important reflections.

In fact, his struggles against hating and bullying, including social media, are on the agenda.

Since 2011 D’Ospina has been married to Andrea Alessandrini Gentili, head of a company that deals with web marketing and social media manager solutions.

Who is Elisa D’Ospina: curvy model

Currently, Elisa D’Ospina is one of the most requested Italian curvy models in the conformato sector. Her Mediterranean beauty characterized by soft shapes, brown eyes and brown hair, it has consecrated her to the Olympus of curvy top models from all over the world. With its size 46/48 it is the symbol of a prosperous physicality: with a height of 1.80 meters and a weight of about 70 kg, its measurements are 100-80-110.

Her commitment against bodyshaming is evident on television, but also on social media, so much so that in 2009 she was nominated by the Ministry of Health celebrity endorsement for The three days of health. Thanks to her commitment against physical discrimination, she is now a fashion and social media consultant for many brands.

But not only that, the model also has a beachwear brand, which includes a collection ranging from size 0 to 60. The costume models in fact enhance the physicality and feminine sensuality, without discrimination of the softer sizes.

who is elisa d'ospina

Who is Elisa D’Ospina: Detto Done

The great popularity, for Elisa D’Ospina, comes with her regular participation in the Rai 2 program No sooner said than done. Years ago, the former presenter Caterina Balivo fought a lot to get D’Ospina. In the broadcast, the curvy model deals with one column in which he fights bodyshaming and promotes a vision of physicality based on self-confidence.

Despite the change of helm since 2018, with the reins of the program passed into the hands of Bianca Guaccero, his column has been confirmed.

who is elisa d'ospina

Thanks to the popularity acquired with Detto Fatto and the issues she addressed, in 2016 she joined the jury of Miss Italy 2016, the year in which, in second place, a curvy miss: Paola Torrente.

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