Harry and Meghan: the royal family again against?


Harry is Meghan is the royal family they could go through a new phase of tensions. Not even a month has passed since Philip’s funeral in which Harry had appeared, at least in appearance, again alongside his family. But on the horizon it seems that this delicate phase is already over.

New revelations on the “Harry and Meghan” issue will emerge in the second edition of Finding Freedom.

Harry and Meghan: will the royal family forgive him too?

The royal family never stops making headlines, especially when the two spouses Harry and Meghan are involved. The lovers are about to undermine the quiet of Windsor Palace again. Already shocked by the very popular interview with Oprah Winfrey, Queen Elizabeth may find herself having to deal with the echo of recent revelations.

The chapter of theremoval from London of the Dukes of Sussex was at its conclusion. In reality, nothing is further away.

After a first “reconciliation” between Harry and the rest of the family which occurred on the occasion of the death of Philip of England, Concern returns to the Windsor house about the contents of the reprint of Finding Freedom. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will release one in the summer new updated edition of their biography β€œFinding Freedom“.

The first edition of the biography was launched in August 2020, Inside, the story of Harry and Meghan in relation to their choice to leave court life.

What is expected of the second edition of Finding Freedom

The second edition of Finding Freedom will presumably contain behind the scenes on the death of Prince Philip who brought Harry back to London, face to face with the royal family. But among the most awaited news there are also details on the interview given to Oprah Winfrey which drew millions of visitors from all over the world to the screen. Finally, new statements from Meghan are awaited on the accusations made by the staff of the royal family against him.

In January of this year, a collapse in book purchases which was thought to have been far more successful. In the meantime, one wonders if what has happened so far could prove to be the ideal opportunity for new revelations but also an investment of “best result” for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

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