Norma Williams: what is the secret of her youth?


Norma Williams he has a secret about youth to reveal. She is a former swimmer from New Zealand and we know her for a very simple reason that always leaves you speechless: despite her 70 years, she looks 30. She lives in Italy and has decided to tell the secret to such an achievement.

First of all, sport: seven days a week!

Norma Williams reveals the secret of youth

Norma Williams is a former swimmer from New Zealand but lives permanently in Italy, in Umbria. His popularity grew as his own spread photos that portray her in great shape. He looks like he’s 30, despite his 70s being very good. What is Norma Williams’ secret?

First of all she admits she is lucky by nature thanks to a slender constitution and a long-limbed physique that has always been. Also, he points out that to be a beautiful woman, you don’t need to identify with her physical characteristics. Therefore not necessarily tall and thin, even curvy but always fit. How? Explain that the main secret is actually one of the most preached things ever: playing sports.

Since he was 20, Norma plays sports every day.

One of his tricks is to change sports every bit of time just to dampen the habit, but also to always be dynamic. During his day he plays sports since the morning going up and down stairs, fast walk, racing, Tapis Roulant to more I can not. However, sport if not combined with a healthy and light diet would not lead to the results achieved by Norma.

What does Norma Williams eat?

Just nutrition is essential. What does Norma feed on? in the meantime he intersperses his morning exercises with lots of fruit. Her breakfast consists of cappuccino and honey croissants. It eats bananas, oranges and other seasonal fruit in the morning. Skip lunch, but prepare a rich, protein-rich dinner. Usually for the evening meal eat chicken breast with various side dishes (carrots, broccoli, green beans, mushrooms all seasoned with olive oil, pieces of walnuts and raspberries). But sometimes he also opts for pasta.


At the end of the dinner he does not deprive himself of a dessert or in any case always consumes some fruit, perhaps dried. Among the most consumed after dinner there are: a pastry, a mix of dried fruit, rice biscuits covered with chocolate, a Greek yogurt with honey and nuts. Williams’ sound evening touch is a glass of good red wine which, however, is never granted before 7pm.

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