Maria De Filippi, the confession that worries fans: “I’m sick”


Maria De Filippi she indulged in a confession that worried all her fans a lot. The presenter said of be sick. Fortunately, this is not a serious disorder, but it certainly affects her life.

Maria De Filippi worries all her fans with her confession

Maria De Filippi she is one of the most loved conductors by the public. She always looks very strong, but she herself confessed that she has some weaknesses. Maurizio Costanzo’s wife, in an interview with Che tempo che fa, admitted to suffering from a syndrome that is affecting his life, prompting her to contact doctors even in the middle of the night. The presenter has revealed that she suffers from hypochondria, a disease that leads people to believe they are sick, even when they are in perfect health.

In my mobile phone I have the phone numbers of an otolaryngologist, of a lady who is the primary in intensive care who is number one in all fields, of a doctor who I call even at midnight, who knows everything about me”He said Maria De Filippi, who often believes they have health problems that they don’t really have. “I know everything and, if I hear someone who has had a malaise, I suggest all the visits they can make” he added Maria De Filippi, who has always felt a strong anxiety about her state of health, so much so that she became an expert on the subject.

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