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Leo sign: hairstyles that will make you shine


Volume, vitality and brilliance. Here are the characteristics that the right hairstyles must have for those born under the sign of Leo. For a riot of charm and a hair style that never goes unnoticed.

Charismatic, full of energy and indisputably fascinating. Yes, we are talking about you, the born under the sign of Leo. The queens (or kings) of the horoscope from all points of life. Even in the hair that in your case it would be better to call (really) a mane. Because yours is not simply a hair, it is a distinctive feature of your personality. An extension of who you are. Courageous, free, explosive. But also, it must be said, a lot little patient!

That’s why, the right hairstyles for you are the ones that give you volume, brightness, easy to carry and that they don’t need too much care or retouching. In short, a look that transforms you into the queens of the party (or any other event) and that allows you to remain so all the time. Allowing you to have fun and always be the center of attention. As if to say, the real protagonists of the summer, even in the hair look!

Password: volume (and beach waves)

It is now quite clear, for you born under the sign of Leo the word that best associates with your hair is one: volume. And this regardless of the length of your hair. That’s why a truly perfect hairstyle for the Leo sign is beach waves. The wonderful super natural waves reminiscent of the sea and days of unbridled fun, and of which you are the undisputed protagonists!

Easy to carry, they must be left totally free to move and frame your face. Just like one beautiful mane. To be made on a short cut like a bob or even slightly longer, like the lob, an elongated version of the classic helmet that comes to the shoulders. But also on a long, full hair. To be left to fly in the wind in a disorderly way for a super bewitching effect.

Sign of Leo, there is no limit to your creativity

That you, born under the sign of Leo, like to amaze is nothing new. But the fact that you are also able to do it with your hairstyles is an indication of a flair and a flair unprecedented creativity. The important thing is that in whatever way you fix your hair, all eyes are on you.

Green light therefore to hairstyles that enhance your natural beauty, giving space to the features of the face (but always with an indistinguishable creative touch). A few examples?

  • There classic high ponytail, but super tight and provided with extensions or even low but embellished with super cool details;

lion tail sign

  • one high chignon and super bulky;
  • two beautiful and very original space bun, simple to do but highly effective.

space bun means lion sign

How to make space buns

To create this hairstyle you will just need:

  • divide the hair in half, as when making pigtails;
  • tie them on the top of the head, with the help of a brush or a comb, teasing them a little to give them volume;
  • twist the hair around itself (for both tails), fixing the chignon that will be formed to the elastic, with one or more hairpins.

And there you have it, your awesome space buns are ready!

space bun lion sign

Curly, curly and more curly

And if it is true that you of the sign of Leo do not like to go unnoticed (which would never happen anyway) then the hairstyle for you is the most voluminous one of all, the hedgehogs! Perfect for a hair that conveys courage and that tells all your desire for fun.

A hair energetic, vital, charismatic look. Not for all but for you yes. Who do not need last-minute tweaks and adjustments (you wouldn’t have the patience for it anyway). But able to make you shine and shine in the hot summer nights you are experiencing.

curly lion sign

Collected? Yes, but if you are of the sign of Leo also cotton

Despite your rebellious soul, it may happen that you have to attend some elegant event that requires a more “composed” look. No problem of course. Because you were born under the sign of Leo, you know how to transform even the most refined hairstyle into a riot of volume, without losing any of elegance and charm.

Green light also to the harvest, therefore. A super easy hairstyle to do (especially if you have long hair), tying your hair with a classic chignon but in a “messy” way. Back teasing the top of the head and letting some light tufts fall on the face. An elegant way to tame your hair, frame your face and enhance your look even more. But also one beautiful high braid, left soft and not too “perfect. For an elegant but always look.” in line with your indomitable nature.

lion braid sign

And for the color? There is no limit to the sign of Leo

Given your innate charisma, you are born under the sign of Leo, you have no problems choosing the right color. Each nuance is able to make you emerge and make you the absolute protagonists in any circumstance. Perfect shades of brown, from chocolate to coffee to hazelnut. But also some blond, especially if warm as honey. And always with brilliant nuances to give shine to the hair.

But if your desire to amaze is as indomitable as your hair, then you can only do it opt for orange. The perfect color for the sign of Leo, cheerful and capable of transmitting happiness to anyone who sees it.

orange lion sign

And that combined with your innate charm will make you even more attractive and unique. The true and undisputed queens of summer and hair styling.


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