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Lupine 2 returns to Netflix: who are the characters?


While it may seem untrue, it is. The new season of the most beloved TV series of the year is about to return. If a few days after the release of the first season, the fans were crazy and there was already talk of a sequel, now it is finally certain.

Lupine 2 is close to release on the most famous streaming platform, Netflix: we see below the plot, characters and release date.

Lupine 2 on Netflix: plot and characters

The protagonist in the first season of the tv series is Omar Sy, who plays Assane. The young boy had lost his mother and had emigrated with his father from Senegal to France. Soon, however, his father also passes away following the unjust accusation and conviction of theft for stealing a necklace worth millions of euros.

In fact, he kills himself in prison.

The boy is left alone with a book that his father had given him: a book on the adventures of Arsenio Lupine, the gentleman thief by Maurice Lebranc. This gift will guide him throughout his life and will base all his experiences on this. And it is thanks to this that he will investigate what really happened to his father and discover the truth.

Lupine 2, Netflix: plot and character previews

If in the first season Lupine robs the Pellegrini family of the precious necklace and witnesses the kidnapping of his son, in the second season what can we expect?

Unfortunately, the trailer and the previews cannot reveal how the TV series will end but we already know what to expect. That is one showdown between the Pellegrini family, powerful, rich and the gentleman thief Assane Diop, good and willing to remedy old wrongs.

But who will win? Will the protagonist’s son be saved? And will the so-called Lupine be saved or will he get in trouble? There are many questions that we would like to answer already but we have to wait a little longer.

Lupine 2 returns to Netflix: here are the characters

Turning to the protagonists of the most followed and awaited TV series of the year, we find out who the characters are also in the second season.

We still find the talented Omar Sy in the role of the protagonist Assane Diop. If in the first season, he was looking for the truth about how his father died and what happened to him, now in the second season the game repeats itself, but this time he is looking for his son.

Then Assane’s wife, Claire that also in the second part we will see divided between her love for Assane and the responsibility of having to protect her and her son, even from the same father if necessary. On the opposite side is Assane’s lover, that is Juliette Pellegrini, the one with whom he had a complicated relationship, but who actually left.

Then we have Assane’s trusted friend, Benjamin Ferel, who will decide to help him find his son.

Lupine 2 on Netflix: characters and release date

At this point, we’ve found out what Season 2 will be about and what the main characters will be. We just need to know when the release date is. News of the news: the new season is scheduled for June 11th, so we just have to wait with so much anxiety and watch it in one go!

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