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Kelly Osbourne today: how Ozzy’s daughter has changed


Kelly Osbourne, daughter of the well-known Ozzy, is no longer what it used to be. The girl has stopped abusing alcohol and drugs and today she is a completely new woman. Not only has she said goodbye to her addicts, but she also displays a physical form that makes her almost unrecognizable.

Kelly Osbourne today

Daughter of the godfather of heavy metal, that is Ozzy Osbourne, Kelly is today a completely new woman, who has nothing to do with the image she gave of herself a few years ago. She went through a long rehabilitation process, which allowed her to say goodbye to alcohol and drugs and returned to live. After 7 admissions to rehab, Kelly realized that she had to take her life back into her own hands and worked hard to succeed in her purpose.

In a recent interview, he said:

“Unfortunately it was a difficult period, many of my friends didn’t make it. Saying goodbye to them for the last time was horrible: I had a ‘survivor’ guilt for a very long time. Fortunately I have been clean for three years ”.

Born in 1984, Kelly became popular thanks to the reality show that saw her protagonist with all her weird family. During that time he abused drugs and alcohol, taking a cue from his dad Ozzy’s life full of excesses.

A long and painful change

Kelly has repeatedly said that her change was long and painful. It all started after many paths of rehabilitation which were real failures.

“At a certain period of my life I thought: ‘I don’t want to, I don’t want to live like this anymore’. In the house I even put black curtains, sometimes I didn’t even know if it was day or night. I soon realized that if I had continued like this I would not have made it, that I would have died if I had continued with certain bad habits “Kelly said.

It was when he realized he was in danger of losing his life that he decided to change. She was hospitalized for a long time, agreeing to follow a delicate path of psychotherapy. Her transformation was long – the talks with the psychotherapist lasted up to 6 hours a day – but today she is a new woman.

Osbourne lost well 38 kilos, his face is hollow but definitely more relaxed. She is nothing short of beautiful and her eyes finally have a new light.

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