Pre-shampoo pack for curly hair: the do-it-yourself solutions to try


Loved by all, they require an extra dose of pampering. The solution? A pre-shampoo pack for curly hair. Here are some home-made recipes to experiment with

Beautiful, indeed beautiful. And above all cool, if we take a look at the proposals of the Salons: curly hair has a large audience of admirers. And this despite the fact that they are certainly not the easiest hair to manage. On the contrary, the more beautiful and curly they are, the more care and attention they require because they tend more easily to have dryness problems, not to mention the annoying frizz effect. But what to do? What strategies to adopt to have one hair at the top? The solution is in the pre-shampoo packs for curly hair. Here we give you a number of tips and a selection of home-made wraps for defined curly hair that will make your life easier!

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Pre-shampoo pack: why do it

The first problem of the curly hair is called humidity. Humidity makes them frizzy, difficult to comb and tame. The only way to say “stop” to frizz is to hydrate your hair as much as possible. For this it becomes important to pay maximum attention to the mix of products for dry curly hair to be introduced in the haircare routine, starting from a pre-shampoo pack, to be done at least once a week. This is a very effective method of giving nourishment, power is softness to the lengths, without undermining the lightness of the hedgehog.

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Pre-shampoo moisturizing pack

There are several ingredients allies of beauty for the hair. Like aloe vera, to be combined with milk or coconut oil, which deeply nourishes and shapes curls perfectly. To get a moisturizing pre-shampoo pack, combine one tablespoon of coconut oil with four of coconut milk and four of aloe vera gel. Massage into the scalp and leave on for about 30 minutes. Then wash your hair with a mild cleanser.

Corn starch curly hair pack

L’cornstarch really multitasking: restructures, nourishes and tames the hedgehog. In addition, it also has a remarkable cleansing effect because it cleans the skin by removing all impurities. To make the compress, just add two tablespoons of corn starch to a glass of water (you can find corn starch in the supermarket: it’s the same product that is used to prepare desserts!) And leave the mixture on for about half an hour (this is the standard shutter speed for all pre-shampoo packs).

Dry curly hair natural remedies: avocado nourishing compress

L’avocado pre-shampoo pack for curly hair it’s really super nutritious. The merit is the mix of elements that we find in this fruit: fatty acids, minerals and vitamins in pole position. To make the compress, simply combine half an avocado with five drops of lavender oil. Blend the ingredients to obtain a soft mixture and leave on. Apply this pack a couple of times a month using for cleansing dry curly hair products.

DIY afro curly hair mask with almond milk

Many of these ingredients are great for both making a compress both for a hair mask. Which the difference? There mask it should be applied after washing and is a richer and more consistent conditioner to keep in place for a long time; The compress, on the other hand, is left on before washing and can be considered like a cream to be applied on lengths and ends. If necessary, therefore, you can decide whether to do one or the other or both, when the hair has special needs. For example, if you have a curly afro hair, you may need a nourishment boost. One thinks about it almond milk mask (or pack) known for its anti-frizz properties. You can use it alone or mix it with other ingredients. We suggest this super easy recipe. Mix 40 milliliters of almond milk with two tablespoons of natural internal yogurt, a tablespoon of sesame oil and five drops of sweet orange essential oil. Combine everything in a bowl and mix the ingredients until you get a creamy mixture. Leave on for 45 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

Restructuring pre-shampoo pack with yogurt

For the curly hair there are many natural remedies, as these tips demonstrate. Starting from oils for dry rich hair up to the masks and the do-it-yourself wraps. An ingredient as famous as it cannot be missing from this list yogurt, rich in fatty acids that nourish the hair. Mix six tablespoons of plain yogurt with an egg white, to be whipped, and apply the mixture to curly hair for 20 minutes. Rinse and use a moisturizing shampoo.

Pre-shampoo pack with honey and oil for dry curly hair

And here is a last “recipe” that we recommend you try when your lengths are particularly dry and arid. Combine three teaspoons of honey with two of oil: they are two simple ingredients that moisturize and soften. Apply the compress only on the lengths by wrapping the hair in cling film. After washing them, you will immediately notice an extraordinary brightness!


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