How to remove hair dye stains from the skin, effective remedies


Eye make-up remover, olive oil, lemon, bicarbonate: these and many other solutions to remove stains from hair dye. Find them all based on “damage”!

“I got dirty with the dye, and now how do I get the stains out of my skin?”. Admit it: it has happened to you so many times! After your beautiful homemade color, you ended up with the blotchy forehead, temples and other parts of the face. Sometimes just one hair – out of your control – is enough to streak your cheeks with dye. Other times, however, it seems that the gloves did not protect you sufficiently hands. And it makes no difference if you’ve tried your hand at a change look or just retouched the roots: the damage is the same! The truth is, not only is it not a real harm, it is also easily fixed. Read our tips on how to remove hair dye from the skin.

How to remove the dye from the forehead

The forehead is the area of ​​the face which, for obvious reasons, gets dirty more easily with hair dye. The spots usually extend to the temples and back of the head along the hairline. How to eliminate them? First a distinction must be made, that is if the dye stains are fresh or already dry. In the first case, the operation is simple: a cleansing milk or eye make-up remover (preferably biphasic) is enough to remove the fresh color. Be careful, however, not to touch the hair that in the meantime is … dying!

If, on the other hand, you realized that you only got dirty with dye after styling, you have several methods available. The only warning, never rub the leather hard as if it were a rough fabric: but always use the utmost delicacy. The dry stains of dye they go away even if they have already dried. Here are the remedies to remove the dye from the skin:

  • cold milk: pour it on a cotton pad and wipe it on the stained areas, as if you were removing make-up. The advantage is that the skin will remain soft and supple;
  • lemon and olive oil: prepare a mixture with lemon juice and an oily solution (make-up remover oil is fine too), soak a cotton pad and rub gently on the skin;
  • toothpaste: here is another method to remove the color without damage, as long as you choose it in paste and not in gel.

How to remove the black tint

Is your hair dye dark and the remedies listed above (milk, lemon, oil and toothpaste) are not enough? One suggestion is to use theapple cider vinegar ol ‘alcohol, always adopting a very light hand. To avoid the temptation to rub the cotton ball on the skin, leave it on for a few minutes. Immediately after, moisturize with a soothing cream: you will calm any redness and irritation in the bud.

Alternatively, you could use thehydrogen peroxide, but only try to use it if you know you have a very accurate hand. If you are wrong by a few millimeters, know that its high lightening power could alter the result of a freshly made dye.

How to remove dye from the face

In addition to the forehead, is the face soiled with hair dye? Don’t despair, the solution is there. You can start by applying a little bit of to the stains make-up remover oil or baby oil. Leave it on for a few minutes and then remove with warm water. In addition you can use the solid Marseille soap, which you will have distributed on a wet and well wrung towel.

If there is still any dye residue, use the toothpaste, preferably of the whitening type: it usually contains bicarbonate or others bleaching agents which easily remove stains. We do not recommend the use of alcohol, acetone or other nail polish removers, as they can be very irritating.

A smart idea? Make a scrub with a exfoliating in grains the day after having colored your hair: you will see that those infinitesimal traces of dye will go away!

How to remove hair dye from hands

And now we come to case N.3, that is, how to remove stains from dyed hands. The area is most likely wider and more widespread, but the good news is that you can use a stronger method. The skin on the hands tends to be less delicate than the face, so you can act with more determination! A home remedy of sure effect? A batter made from baking soda and dish soap. The slightly abrasive action of the bicarbanate and the degreasing action of the detergent are very effective in eliminating halos from the skin, but due to their properties it is better to use them only for the hands.

Mix the two ingredients in equal parts until the mixture is soft but quite lumpy. Pass it on your hands as if you were going to do a scrub. Wait a few moments, and remove the mixture with a microfiber cloth. Rinse your hands thoroughly, and moisturize them with a nourishing cream.
If you have stained your nails, dip a toothbrush on the baking soda and dish soap batter, and rub it under the bezel: you will instantly get stained fingers and nails!

Is there a hair dye stain remover?

These are usually professional products sold in hairdressing shops. They are in fact used in salons, also for practical reasons: it is much faster to use a ready-to-use solvent rather than natural remedies to be prepared when needed. In most cases, hair dye stain removers are chemical products, intended for professional use.

Protect the skin before dyeing

To avoid staining your skin, we recommend that you protect yourself before dyeing your hair. Like? Apply a generous layer of fat body cream along the hairline. In this way, any “dripping” of hair color will be absorbed by the cream itself. Just remove the patina created to make sure your forehead and face are spotless!


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