Wave Hair With Bathrobe Belt: Try silk ribbons


Is your dream to show off soft waves but are you as smooth as spaghetti? Try the crazy method on TikTok: with the help of the right products you too can change your look for a day!

Again she only has the object around which to twist her hair, which is the bathrobe belt. But making waves without heat is a method as old as the world. If you think that curling irons have been invented relatively recently, the reality is just like that! The origin? TikTok, the new cradle of trends where girls from all over the world compete with each other with clips on the most imaginative tutorials of hair styling.

Of course, if you have very straight and thin hair these systems will give you just a hint of blur. Different is the case of more double hair, not really very smooth, of the type that they are easily modeled and hold the fold well. Hair of this type is ideal for becoming wavy without a straightener.

How to make waves with a bathrobe belt

Before proceeding to the explanation of the beach wave method with the bathrobe belt, get some “tools of the trade” (to be used after shampooing):

  • microfiber turban (Compared to a classic terry towel, it absorbs excess moisture more than 70%). If you let the hair wrapped inside “rest” for about a quarter of an hour, it is practically easy to air dry and ready to be styled. This system also prevents the hair from becoming electrified, an ideal condition for having a nice move.
  • “activating” mousse or volumizing foam: they are products that add matter to the hair, making it thicker and more malleable. In jargon, they are also called texturizers.
  • very little conditioner: if applied in excess it could weigh down the hair, preventing it from obtaining that much desired wave effect.

The first method of the robe belt

After washing your hair, spray some styling spray on the strands and dry them leaving them slightly damp. Like styling product it is important that it does not stick and does not create lumps: it must give just that extra volume that makes the hair flexible.

Then take the robe belt and put it over your head, as if it were a headband. Then divide the hair into locks, of the desired size depending on how wide you want your waves. Bring them to both sides of the face e twist each of them around the belt, making them pass from top to bottom, creating a sort of spiral. Arrived at the end, secure each end with rubber bands.
Leave everything posing for a night whole and, in the morning, free gently the locks from the rope of the bathrobe. You should have quite tight curls, open them with your fingers and, if needed, fix everything with a sprinkle of lacquer.

Braiding the hair with the belt of the bathrobe

Another method of using the robe belt to create waves is to make one or more braids with the rope itself. It can be applied to both dry and damp hair, the difference is that on the latter the curls will be tighter. Alternatively you can use silk or satin ribbons: but know that, by creating less grip, they will give you slower waves, just like those that are so fashionable!

The silk headband to get hair with waves

Are you curious about the bathrobe belt method, but do you prefer ready-to-use tools? Try silk headbands. On the Internet and in specialized shops, bands are sold specifically designed to obtain waves during the night and without heat. Watch The Wom Beauty tutorial to understand how to use them.

The curling band for wavy hair without heat

It is a silk or cotton headband that can be used on slightly damp hair. It fastens on the top of the head like a turban. Then they part their hair into strands to wrap them around the headband. For added convenience it is best to start at the top of the head and then work along the sides and back. The most suitable hair? Long and medium-long, for obvious reasons of space. Have fun trying the next time you take a shower!


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