who was sandra mondaini

Who was Sandra Mondaini: all about the actress


Remembered as one of the most beloved actresses of the small and big screen, Sandra Mondaini has adapted to any medium, achieving great success in theater, cinema and on TV. Here is the story and his career that lasted over 50 years.

Who was Sandra Mondaini

Sandra Mondaini, born Alessandrina Mondaini, (Milan, 1 September 1931 – Milan, 21 September 2010), was an Italian actress. He grew up in the Lombard capital together with his mother Giuseppina and his father Giacinto, painter and author for “Il Bertoldo”, a satirical magazine. Considered beautiful since childhood, she is chosen for some advertising campaigns and so, to help her family, she started working as a model at the age of 10.

He made his debut in entertainment world in 1949 with the comedy “Ghe Pensi mi” alongside Franca Rame and Tino Scotti.

A few years later he then approaches the world of cinema and radio alongside characters such as Nino Taranto. With the arrival of the television it is then included in the “Settenote” program and then in the “Orchestra delle 15” and “The anthology of good humor”.

Sandra Mondaini’s TV debut

However, he gets great success when he joins Mike Bongiorno in the “Fortunatissimo” program and with the role of valet in the “Attenti al fiasco” program, the first Italian quiz presented by the well-known Dino Falconi. It also presents itself to the public as soubrette as well as an actress with a great sense of humor. Therefore, there are numerous projects from the 1950s that see it continually divided between small and large screen.

The event that perhaps most marks his personal and working life is the meeting with Raimondo Vianello in 1958. The two, after four years, decide to get married and a great artistic partnership. The couple shows up immediately at the theater with “Sayonara Butterfly”, a show that parodies the work of Puccini.

After this success he participated with Raimondo in numerous projects for both cinema and television, without preventing each one from pursuing an individual career. Sandra, for example, conquered the public with the conducting of “Canzonissima” alongside Paolo Poli in 1961. From the sixties we also remember the TV programs alongside Mina and the Kessler twins, but also some films such as “Mi vedrairai” and “Veneri in collegio”.

who was sandra mondaini

The success of Sandra Mondaini and Raimondo Vianello

The actress continued with numerous projects throughout the following decades. Note his participation in “Sunday In” together with Pippo Baudo and conducting “Stasera niente di nuovo” together with her husband and some colleagues including Heather Parisi and Enzo Liberti. At the beginning of the 1980s, together with Raimondo, he decided on abandon Rai in favor of the Berlusconi network where he leads “Attenti a noi due” and “SandraRaimondo Show”.

In 1988, what is remembered as the most famous and long-lived sitcom in the history of Italian TV was born: “Casa Vianello”. The two also carry out a series of remakes of the project including the version in the countryside entitled “Cascina Vianello” and “The mysteries of Cascina Vianello”. The projects continue until both Sandra and Raimondo do not they get cancer and come back on stage for the last time in 2008 with “Cruise Vianello”. Due to vasculitis, the actress is subsequently forced to use a wheelchair and this gradually leads her to move away completely from the scene.

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