Taking care of your hair after the holidays: all the tips from the hairdresser and at home


From the appointment with the hairdresser to the extra care to do at home: all the tips to take care of your hair after the holidays

After summer, i hair they are the part of the body that requires the most attention. An immediate diagnosis and an equally rapid cure are urgently needed. Of course, the more you have treated them with specific solar hair products, the more sun damage they will be less noticeable. In any case, the appointment with the hairdresser and extra home treatments are a must. Here’s what to do for put the hair back in order in a short time.

At the hairdresser

The color and the cut are the first “out of tune” elements that leap to the eye after the holidays. If the former appears faded, the cut may be shapeless. But to a closer eye, even the lengths after all, they are not so well placed: weakened and thinned, they give the idea that the hair has become impoverished. But let’s go in order.

Color or simple toning?

The answer to the question if dye your hair or tone it it just depends on the amount of white hair. And how faded your color is from the sun.

If you are brunette and you want to keep the slight lightening of the sun, ask to retouch the roots and lengthen the color only in the last 5-10 minutes of laying.

If you are brunette and the sun has given you an unsightly orange, ask for a toning that restores your base color, even if artificial. There is no need to cover everything with a darker tint, because you would get a color that is too different from yours, without solving the problem.

If you are blonde, most likely the sun has made some locks yellowish, making them look like straws. The yellow effects must be neutralized with treatments rich in blue pigments.

If you are red there is a distinction to be made: the sun has certainly lightened your hair, but the color service changes depending on whether you are natural or not. In the first case, a laying of henna or other dyeing herbs may suffice. If you dye yourself red, discuss with your hairdresser how much and how to get your color back.

The “hair-saving” treatments

Dry and brittle lengths need deep repair. Depending on the degree of stress your hair has undergone, discuss the restorative treatment with your hairdresser.
Among the options you have the keratin reconstruction which takes care of restructuring the hair fiber, recompacting the hair cuticles which, after the summer, are raised due to external aggressions.

If the hair is not so damaged you can ask for some compresses of vitamins and amino acids which undoubtedly restructure, but with less vigor than keratin. In fact, too much nutrition risks making the hair a little greasy. Instead, the goal is to feed where it is needed. The active ingredients will be better conveyed if the treatment is left on while the hair is placed in a steam bottle followed by a rinse with cold water, which is essential for polishing the hair.

The cuts to focus on after the summer

Almost certainly the trim is necessary: ​​the hair will seem fuller and the fold will hold longer. What cuts to ask for? Here are some ideas.

If you have long, drained hair, ask for a lightened even cut with some scaling on the sides. The hair will immediately acquire vigor.
Are your toes too brittle? Go for one light paraded that highlights the lightening of the sun, giving you volume. The overall effect will be of a healthy and luminous hair.
Your short cut has it lost shape? It is the ideal time to shorten even more and focus on the tufts of the forehead to be juggled with gel and finger games.

Below are some cutting ideas to inspire you.

Hair Mania

– A medium parade cut of Hair Mania

Jean Louis David

– A long bob with full tips by Jean Louis David


– Slightly scaled hair, from Alfaparf

La Biosthetique

– Very short cut proposed by La Biosthetique

Hair care to devote to at home

A professional treatment is more complete if it is followed by home care. The tips to keep in mind are to cleanse gently, using mild shampoos and at the same time nutrients. The goal is to hydrate during washing, that is the moment in which the hair undergoes an “attack” on its hydration due to limescale. In this way he uses shampoos rich in oils and poor in surfactants.

After shampoo masks and conditioners they are also important: leave them on for the maximum time indicated on the package. A secret to making them more effective? Wrap your hair in a damp towel (which you will have previously wet with hot water).

While drying, before the hair is completely dry, go over the lengths a nourishing oil. The humidity will allow its greater absorption, with the result of finding your hair silky but not greasy!

Finally, a gem to preserve the color and make it bright: pamper the lengths with one hair cream that nourishes deep down. Apply in small quantities to dry hair. Strictly every day.

In the gallery look at the products to restore the hair after the holidays.

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