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How to dry your hair in the summer correctly, without damaging it


What a beautiful summer but what a stress for the hair! How, then, to preserve it and keep it healthy and shiny? For example, following some tricks to dry your hair in the summer without damaging it with heat. That’s how!

Sun, heat, sea or swimming pool. How beautiful is the summer but how much stress for the hair! Well yes, all the things that make us love the summer the most are also the same as they can weaken and damage our hair. This is why it is essential to preserve it starting from the simplest and most usual things. An example? Learn to dry your hair in the summer in the right way and without stressing them with heat. Enemy number one of the hair.

But how, is there really a correct way to do it? Isn’t it enough to use the usual phone? The answers to these questions are very simple, no the phone is not the best way to dry your hair in the summer and yes there are other healthier methods for the hair, practical and with unexpected effects. Here, then, how to dry your hair without compromising its beauty and without stressing it. For a hair always at the top and in perfect health.

Use a microfiber cloth

The first simple and very practical way to dry your hair in the summer without resorting to the heat of the classic phone is to use a turban or microfiber towel. And the reasons are really many. First of all its ability to absorb excess water, allowing you to reduce the time to get a perfectly dry hair once removed.

In addition, by depriving the hair of a good dose of moisture, it helps to reduce the frizz or electric effect from the hair. Obviously if you don’t keep it for too long (in this case the effect will be exactly the opposite). Once removed, then, let go air dry your hair, using a few drops of protective oil if you get help from the sun’s rays.

And if you really can’t give up the phone?

Assuming that surely you can (try is believe), if you really can’t give up the phone to dry your hair in the summer, the important thing is to do it in the right way:

  • protecting the foliage with a oil or a thermo-protective spray;
  • keeping the phone away from the hair (especially the roots), at least 20 or 30 centimeters;
  • use the phone at one medium temperature, not at its best.

And always after holding the hair in the microfiber turban for a while, so as to reduce the drying time.

dry hair in summer phone

Green light to the chignon

Another super cool way to dry your hair in the summer without stressing it, ensuring an absolutely exceptional effect, is to wrap them in one or more chignons. Once you have deprived them of most of the excess water with the microfiber turban already described, you can tie them into one high chignon or in two beautiful space buns.

By letting your hair dry naturally, both during the day and even better overnight. Once loose, also depending on the amount of chignon made, your hair will be perfectly dry and embellished with beautiful waves, soft and sinuous if you opt for a single chignon, more intense and defined if you preferred space buns. But always guaranteeing you a light and voluminous hair like never before.

dry hair in summer space bun

Blow dry your hair with braids

Similar to the previous method and perfect as a hairstyle to show off on your summer days they are the braids. One, two or many more depending on your preferences, they help you to dry your hair in the summer in a natural way, without stressing the hair and obtaining beautiful beach waves once untied.

For an amazing look at any time of the day. Also perfect to do in the evening, before going to sleep, to guarantee a fold and an amazing hair look as soon as you wake up. An advice? Before making them take care of untangle the hair well from any knots, for a state of the art effect!

How to dry your hair in the summer if it is straight

What if they are smooth? No fear! Even for the straighter hair there are very valid solutions to dry hair without stressing it. An example? The curlers. Yes, you got it right. The curlers, in fact, are not only used to make a curly or wavy fold.

drying hair in summer curlers

If they are large and with a nice wide diameter, in fact, the curlers are perfect for drying your hair of course getting a very smooth effect. Avoiding the use of the heat of phones and plates but without giving up a front page look!

Try the Kardoune

And if your goal is to dry your hair without damaging it but obtaining a smooth fold like with the straightener why not also try the Kardoune? a method that comes directly from Algeria and is performed on damp hair.

The only thing to do is to collect them in a low ponytail, wrapping them in a special tape (which can also be found conveniently online). You keep the hairstyle all night, but nothing prevents you from showing it off even during the day. And once dissolved your hair will be dry and very smooth. Seeing is believing.

Let’s face it, there are so many ways to dry your hair in the summer without damaging it or stressing it with heat and allow you to get always different hairstyles and a hair that is always at the top. Healthy, beautiful and with super natural looks. Enjoying your summer one hundred percent and preserving the well-being of your hair, every day!


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