How to collect and pin your hair in the summer without ruining it


In summer, long hair is often unmanageable, as well as a source of extra heat, but with these super cool ideas you can collect it in an original and practical way.

The recurring thought of every girl you give long hair in summer is how to arrange them so that they are not too hot but are still at the top.

With high temperatures, in fact, the hair not only do they tend to wear out and weaken, but they help to heat us up even more because acting as a real natural scarf they increase sweating and unpleasant sensations.

The only solution in these cases is collect them. If you usually keep them loose and have no ideas, there you are some tips on super top hairstyles and accessories to make your summer hair perfect.

Put some fantasy in your ponytail

There ponytail is the most immediate and common solution to style your hair in summer. When you want to settle the matter in a second, the classic version is absolutely the most useful but they exist more imaginative options which you could draw on to make your tail very cool.

Use a scarf

Whether it’s vintage, recovered from mom’s or grandmother’s drawer, or in super trendy modern versions, it doesn’t matter, the foulard silk or satin always has its own charm And manages to make even basic hair looks elegant like the ponytail.

Choose your favorite, paying just pay attention to the fact that it is not excessively long, then do the tail normally, high or low depending on how you prefer it, securing it with a not too big elastic.

This detail is important because the second step is the cover the elastic with the scarf, to tie at the base of the tail.

Add the flakes

If you are a romantic girl it is very likely that you are crazy about i flakes, so why not add them to your ponytail? To do this you have two ways, buy an elastic already equipped with this beautiful element, or wrap the standard one with a satin ribbon, to close with a bow.

Harness the potential of the bandana

There bandana is one of the summer accessories par excellence and there are two main reasons: with its bright colors it is able to light up even the simplest outfits and is extremely versatile. In fact, there are many ways you can wear it.

Use it as a headband

If you just want to free your face from the hair, but leave it loose on the lengths, roll the bandana up to the thickness you want, then pin it to the top of the head and tie it with a knot under the nape of the neck or in the upper part.


Replica of the seventies style

Still keeping your hair down, you could instead opt for a decidedly more flower-child look. Fold your bandana into a headband and place it on your forehead, tying it with a knot behind your head, over the same hair and never under.


Be bewitched by the turban

Originally from Arab countries, where women make great use of it, declining it in various versions according to culture and habits, the turban could be defined as an increased version of a bandana and foulard. Perfect if you love the ethnic style and you like to always show off at least one element that you remember it, you can wear it so that it covers all your hair. Collect them at the top, secure them with a rubber band and close them in a turban.

Extra Tips

This solution, in addition to saving you from the heat is also super indicated when your hair is not very clean but you don’t have time to wash them.


Think of the bun

Very often the mistake is made of associating it chignon to super classic or austere looks but that’s not the case at all. This hairstyle, in fact, despite being extremely popular at weddings, it also lends itself to much more modern and cool versions.

Enough for example do it as high as possible And don’t pull your hair too hard, so that the locks at the root are soft and some of them come out of the hairstyle with the passing of minutes. The final image will be a disheveled chignon perfect for the summer.


Dust off a classic: braids

Almost all little girls are obsessed with braiding, to the point of forcing every adult in their life to try their hand at creating their infinite variations.

Growing up the love for this hairstyle sometimes gets a bit lost but it’s a real shame. The braids, in fact, have the magical power of make it look tidy without effort, and in summer they are perfect because they tie the hair to the point of preserving it from sudden gusts of wind.

The versions of this hairstyle are different – you can do the classic braid starting from the nape of the neck and developing on the back, start braiding the hair from the root or divide them into two side strands and do as many braids on them.


Don’t forget the Scrunchies

Finally, one of the must-have accessories of the summer is it Scrunchies. Super cool hair tie, it’s made to get noticed and make every look more fun. Use it to tie up your ponytail, braid or pin up your bun. The versions of this accessory are infinite and contemplate numerous patterns and fabrics, therefore you can also play to match them to your outfits or make up.



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