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Haircuts for an important nose: how to choose the one that enhances it


Can an important nose be enhanced with the right haircut? This is the question that anyone with a wide, long, hooked or humped nose asks. The solutions are there: the hair stylist has revealed them to us. Curious? Read further!

Aquiline, long, with a hump, wide, crooked, large: there are many adjectives to define an important nose. Those who have it, sooner or later have to deal with “him”: either they accept it or they retouch it. If the choice favors the first option, the important nose can become a strong point of one’s face. In this sense, hair plays a very decisive role! If chosen carefully, the haircut can for example divert attention from a pronounced hump or reduce the size of the nose. Conversely, a wrong cut can accentuate the defect.

But beware, a premise is a must: not all people who have an important nose experience it as a complex, for some it is an aesthetic worry that does not cause particular suffering, for others it is a part of themselves that is loved like everything else. body.
That said, what are the important nose cuts? We asked thehair stylist Anna Cegliese, trainer of the Compagnia della Bellezza. Read what I answered, and look at the photo about important nose cuts (don’t be fooled by the fact that models have regular noses).

A Company of Beauty look

Haircuts for nose are important

To choose the right cut for your face, the main advice is to contact salons that offer image consultancy (often it is free and without obligation). «Before the realization of a new beauty project, there is always one important listening phase and advice. Thanks to acareful analysis of the face (what in the jargon is called face code), you can evaluate the right proportions. In order to minimize the weak points and enhance the strong ones »- says the hair stylist Cegliese.

Is it possible to “disguise”, or rather, divert attention from the important nose? “Sure! It is a question of proportions“. The reasoning to be adopted with the haircut and big nose it is geometric in nature: «a thing looks great if it has small references next to it. Hence, I suggest giving the hair an equally prominent volume in both the front and the back of the earth. The cut for the important nose must have the right opening and airiness from all sides, even if the initial impact obviously is the front one. And then it must also be proportioned in profile ».

A Company of Beauty look A Company of Beauty look

The haircut for the wide nose

«On a face with a wide nose I undoubtedly advise against very short cuts which, for an optical fact, make the head small. It is better to favor medium and long cuts that give a good overall volume, consequently able to proportion the size and nose width. A friend detail can be a spear tuft, that is, that it rises at the roots and then slides to the side. In this way it brings the attention to the forehead and also remove the nose ».

A Company of Beauty look A Company of Beauty look

The cuts for the long, aquiline nose

«If the nose is long and aquiline it is good to aim for asymmetrical cuts. Better avoid flat, straight hair which make the nose look even longer and with the tip down. The ideal is to opt for scales and tufts that project forward lightly, and thus soften the facial features »- suggests hair stylist Cegliese. In general, then the middle line is not recommended because, positioning itself on the same axis as the nose, it puts it in the foreground.

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Haircuts for humped noses

«As for the aquiline nose, in the presence of a hump (more or less pronounced) the haircut must be airy, without rigid shapes, as if to imagine the wind in the hair. And very important: with an irregular nose the forehead must never be squashed ». A decisive no then to cuts that are too flat on the front or with even lengths without any tuft!

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Is the bangs good for the big nose?

Bangs: yes or no? «Alert! The traditional fringe directs the attention right on the nose (as well as on the mouth), for better or for worse. For this reason, bangs are often best avoided on a prominent nose. In some cases you can evaluate the curtain fringe, that is open and with a central escape route. Not having the contraindications of traditional bangs, it can be an idea on a wide or large nose. But the indication that the specific cut is chosen by relating it to the whole face remains valid.

A Company of Beauty look A Company of Beauty look

How to enhance the important nose with hair

What else is there to know to enhance the important nose with hair? Is there anything particularly not recommended? “Generally, it is good to avoid too rigid shapes, extremely minimal styling and even a flat color: tailor-made light points” lift “the volume and distract attention from a nose you don’t like!” – suggests the expert.

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In conclusion, take note of the important nose-proof look: blow dry your hair upside down for maximum volume and lift the roots with a brush and blow dryer. In case of straight hair, don’t forget to fix the tuft with the hairspray. When your hair is getting dirty after a few days, use dry shampoo to prevent it from getting crushed on your forehead. We are sure you will like your nose a little more!

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