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All the VIPs with alopecia, who fought (and won) it


Hair, a joy for some, a problem for others. Especially when ailments such as alopecia take over. But don’t worry. Because even celebs suffer from it, and as they teach us, it can be successfully fought (and while waiting proudly and fearlessly).

Source of joy e aesthetic habitor for many women, hair is a part of the body that characterizes us and to which it lends itself a lot of attention and care. Especially when, for various reasons, problems can arise as a result they undermine health and beauty. An example? L’alopecia, a term for the progressive thinning and degradation of hair, partially or totally. And the consequent visibility of the scalp.

Whether they are long, short, smooth, wavy, natural or colored, therefore, this disorder it can hit anyone’s hair (and much more frequently than you might think). So much so that even some of the celebs from all over the world who suffer or have suffered from it, they flaunt it without shame and talk about it freely. After all, as mentioned, alopecia occurs very frequently, in over 50% of women and 80% of men.

For this reason, if you also have it, although there are ways to intervene and treat it, you can rest assured. You are in very good company. And as the VIPs teach us, you have nothing to hide. Here, then, are some of the unsuspected celebs who have not hidden their alopecia and who, like each of us, are or have fought it.

Lady Gaga

Well yes. Lady Gaga, undisputed queen of disguises and looks out of the ordinary, she is one of the celebs who suffer from alopecia. The reason for the disturbance, in his case, is due to the numerous colors, often aggressive treatments and more or less bizarre hairstyles to which she has undergone over the years. Which led to a almost permanent weakening of the scalp. And that, until a few years ago (despite her joking about it) was leading her to baldness.

Now, even from the photos he posts on Instagram and in which he shows himself totally natural, it is clear that something has changed. Maybe her hair will never be super voluminous, but certainly this it does not in the least affect his charisma and charm which manages to emanate, in an official capacity or totally soap and water.

Alessandra Amoroso

Extraordinary voice and always flawless look, Alessandra Amoroso seems to be the 360 ° portrait of well-being. Yet she too declared that she suffered from stress alopecia, immediately after her television experience in the “Amici” program. The many commitments, the sudden entry into a new world, the judgments of the people, the frenetic rhythms, etc., in fact, have meant that the the singer’s hair lost volume and density.

After all it is common knowledge that hair, just like skin, is the first to be affected by what you live inside. As a mirror of our psycho-physical well-being. A problem that Amoroso has solved, thanks to some specific care and self-awareness and what he was and is still experiencing. By learning to manage stress and the impact it can have on our body. And judging by her amazing hair looks she did it great.

Keira Knightley

Extraordinary and gorgeous actress protagonist of many films (one of all the Pirates of the Caribbean saga with Johnny Deep), Keira Knightley, is one of the celebs who have declared have suffered from alopecia and hair loss. Due to a mix of stress and bleaching treatmentsin fact, its foliage has begun to suffer and weaken, thinning and falling.

alopecia keira

But how? You will say. Didn’t she sport a long, bright and beautiful hair in the Disney saga dedicated to pirates? Yes sure. But as stated by the actress herself, for years she “helped” herself with wigs, to protect his hair and allow him to grow back and return to their natural beauty. An artificial but always trendy change of look to preserve and take care of her real and beautiful hair.

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian

Kim Kardashian and her sister Kourtney, whose always refined and perfect looks we all know, are just two of the many overseas celebs to have suffered from alopecia. The reason? The very tight hairstyles and different treatments to which they have undergone to obtain always impeccable hairstyles. Specifically, the habit a show off high and very narrow ponytails, caused their hair to start thinning and falling out, the so-called traction alopecia. What to do then?

First Kim and then her sister underwent some specific plasma treatments. In order to regrow healthier and stronger hair. A specific therapy that Kourtney still undergoes today, showing off her hair and alopecia without any fear (with really cool looks), but continuing to take care of both.

Christina Aguilera

With a voice of extraordinary power, Christina Aguilera is undoubtedly one of the most talented singers in the music scene international. In addition to being a beautiful woman and very popular on social media. Yet even her blond hair (a distinctive feature of the singer) suffers from alopecia. The causes were the use of extensions and lightening treatments, which damaged the hair. Enough to be forced to use capillary prostheses.

In this case the treatments have not given many improvements, because, also depending on the “severity” alopecia can become permanent. What to do then? Exactly what she does. Show her hair without any kind of hesitation, exactly as it is. Matching it as you see fit but without creating problems that, if purely aesthetic, do not exist.

After all, beauty isn’t about having a few more or fewer hairs. And, always taking care of yourself in the most appropriate way (alopecia remedies exist), there is nothing that should hinder you from being able to express and proudly and confidently show who you are. In your every little and characteristic facet.


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