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Hair and hats: how to protect your hair from the sun in the city


Protecting the hair from the sun is very important to maintain a healthy and shiny appearance of the hair, but also to safeguard the well-being of the scalp. Sometimes just using the right products and wearing a hat to reduce UV damage!

How many times, at a very young age, have our parents told us to cover our hair with hair when we were in the sun, especially on the beach, to protect us from the sun? Growing up, many have abandoned them, especially those who do not see themselves with these accessories, preferring to keep their heads in the shade. Or, there are those who think that panama and caps ruin the hair, weakening it and depriving it of its volume.

The truth lies in the middle and like all things, you have to behave with the right measure. Hats can damage hair if worn every day for too many hours, dirtying the hair and causing discomfort and itching. They can also increase sebaceous secretion which lead to weakening and hair loss. On the other hand, however, these are also accessories that if used in moderation can be very useful to protect the hair from the sun. In addition, they are very fashionable and this year more than ever very different models are in fashion, suitable for many styles and tastes.

Why protect hair from the sun’s rays

Especially in summer, but not only, also i hair they go protected from the sun exactly like leather. Never as in this period, in fact, need care and attention.

Ultraviolet rays, in fact, with their powerful action, considerably weaken the stem, drying it and making it considerably weak. In addition, they can also cause damage to the hair bulb. In some more serious cases, prolonged exposure to the sun can even cause some forms of alopecia.

Also keep in mind that these consequences can affect different types of hair and people of different ages. However, there are hairs that are more at risk than others. Wearing a hat especially on the hottest days when the sun beats down, wherever you are, can be useful to prevent various annoyances … Not just aesthetic!

fisherman hat

The types of hair most prone to damage from UV rays

Among the types of hair that have a greater predisposition to weakening following exposure to the sun we can include:

  • gray hair, which have a structure that makes them weaker and more vulnerable;
  • the blonde hair, very delicate and above all prone to lose their natural beauty, turning towards yellow;
  • the hair subjected to chemical treatments such as discoloration, which require greater protection against changes in the stem proteins caused by the action of ultraviolet rays.

hair breaking

The consequences of excessive sun exposure for the foliage

The scalp burns just like the rest of the body!

The scalp it is a sensitive area just like the shoulders, face or feet. Here, too, the primary consequence of excessive sun exposure without serums and specific products, as well as without wearing a hat to protect yourself, can lead to premature aging of the skin.

You must not overlook the fact that if the hair bulbs become less strong, you risk losing your hair much more easily, or at least significantly slowing down their growth when you cut them.

brittle hair

Finally, it is good to always remember that UV rays are among the main causes of melanoma. Sometimes it is enough to wear the right accessory to keep hair and skin healthy, with the right touch of fashion that never hurts!

Drying and weakening of the hair, no thanks

Hair that is not properly protected from solar action undergoes an increase in protective scales, which tends to break them. If you don’t nourish them deeply with specific packs, serums and creams, they also risk falling out.

Sun and hair shine do not go together

Not only the more delicate types of hair we talked about earlier are likely to fade with the action of the sun. Even those with a sturdier and thicker structure, if not properly protected from UV rays, tend to become dull and dull. Our hair frames the face, so if it is not very shiny, ours too embodied it seems Very more gray and gloomy.

To avoid having to run to the hairdresser just after the summer, protect your hair with the appropriate products to be applied during sun exposure. But don’t underestimate the power of the hat, which filters UV rays and greatly reduces their power.

The most popular hats of summer 2021 to protect hair from the sun

Never like this summer, hats are extremely trendy, between iconic models and the most fashionable types sported by influencers!

If you love to keep up with the times, you can only opt for a colorful crochet bucket hat. If you know how to use knitting needles, you can also make it at home: you will have a unique accessory for yourself!

Then there are those who love i fisherman style models, for a more adventurous and casual look, especially when immersed in nature.

If you prefer to go for the classic models, opt for a peaked cap or a straw hat, perhaps with a wide brim if you want to protect your hair with greater peace of mind and at the same time take on a beautiful retro look.


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