Dyeing your hair in summer: the tricks for an always shiny hair


If your hair is dyed in the summer, keeping it shiny and at the top may not be an easy task. However, not even impossible if you follow these simple tips.

Hair care in the summer is more demanding compared to other times of the year and the reasons are different. On the one hand, the factors capable of attacking them multiply in the hottest months, with sun, salt and sand in the front row; and on the other hand, the carefree state of mind instinctively induces us to be much less loyal to every beauty routine, including that of the hair.

Not neglecting them should be a mantra that concerns each of us but if yours is dyed, this advice is worth even more. In fact, despite the dyes for the latest generation hair are much more delicate than in the past, and often made with little aggressive ingredients, a little weaken however the hair fiber.

Precisely for this in summer it would be better to forget about the color changes and opt for maintaining your natural tone. However, if you are used to dye them and you want to keep this habit there is no absolute prohibition.

To avoid bad surprises and always have a shining hair though, follow these simple tricks and you will not regret it.

Don’t overdo it with washes

In the summer the temptation to wash your hair every day is undoubtedly strong and often necessary, especially if we are returning from a day at the beach or swimming pool. However, if possible you shouldn’t overdo it, but allow at least one day to pass between washes.

The reason is very simple, excessive use of shampoo over time eliminates its natural protection from the hair and dulls it. Also combined with water, day after day lava literally away the color, making the color last much shorter and requiring a retouching by the hairdresser earlier than usual.

Pay attention to the products

The choice of products you decide to use for washing is also fundamental. Go for a sulfate-free shampoo or a shampoo specifically for colored hair.

If they are blond, choose the anti-yellow ones

Blonde shades in summer are the most difficult to manage and if that’s your case, both for washing and styling opt for antioxidant products that counteract the yellow effect. You can’t go wrong in your choice since theirs texture comes in an unmistakable color Violet.

Use cold water

Cold water keeps the color shiny and it makes it last a lot longer over time, so try to wash the hair with the least hot water possible, also because the latter can damage the outer layer of the hair, already a little weakened by the dye.

In winter this advice would be impossible because in the face of shiny hair you would at least remedy a cold, but with the summer heat as well as being a panacea for your hair, it allows you to enjoy a refreshment not bad.


Protect them from the sun

The enemy number one of dyed hair in the summer is the Sun Why its rays in this season they are so intense that they lead to unwelcome consequences.

Mostly if combined with sea salt, they could weaken them, fade them and in the worst cases being responsible for disturbing extras of green or blue shades. Beautiful if intentional, a little less if unexpected.

Hence it is necessary to implement every possible strategy to preserve them.

Use sunscreen

If to defend the skin from the harmful rays of the sun, namely UVA and UVB, the advice of apply sunscreen regularly, sometimes it can be taken for granted, it is much less so for the hair, which often on the beach, but also in the city, are left to their fate.


Oil, oil and more oil

To help them arrive unscathed in the fall, then, spray on them before exposing them to the sun a sunscreen, which almost always occurs in one oily solution, and remember to repeat the operation several times throughout the day.

Leave the plate to rest

Even if you are an addicted to the perfect style, in summer try to take a break e leaves the hair free to express itself freely.

Repeated use of blow dryers and straighteners on dyed hair leads to their weakening and dulling all year round, but in summer this possibility increases significantly, as the heat of the tools is added to the other factors that prevent the hair from shining. The principle, in fact, is the same as hot water, the heat lightens the tint to the point that the straw effect could one day show up on your hair.

Once you have washed your hair, then, just apply the protective oil and let it dry in the wind, and form those cool beach waves.


Pamper them after swimming in the sea

In addition to the sun’s rays, also the salt of the sea water if not removed quickly it can prevent your hair from shining.

If you are spending your holidays by the sea then, after each bath look for the nearest shower e gently rinse your hair with fresh water.

After this operation, detangle the hair gently, using a wide-toothed comb, possibly made of wood, as the natural fibers increase the brightness of the hair.



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