Natural remedies to eliminate dark circles


They are our number one enemies and nothing seems to work to make them disappear. We are obviously talking about dark circles. Those black or blue or purple halos around our eyes give us a tired look and make us look much older. To send them avenue we have tried all but those return inexorably and ruin our face (and days). Usually, just like trying to spite us, dark circles appear on our face before an important date or when we would like to be in top shape.

Well, the good news: there are several natural remedies that are very effective on dark circles. Let’s see them together. The first remedy is milk: thanks to lactic acid it helps reduce swelling and eliminates the blackness of dark circles. How to use it. Dip two cotton pads in cold milk, then place them over your eyes and leave on for 5 minutes. Chamomile is also great for making dark circles disappear. Read on after the photo

How to use it? Just put the organic chamomile tea bags that have been infused over your closed eyes. But that is not all. Potatoes and lemon are also an excellent remedy for dark circles. These are foods rich in astringent and skin toning substances. Cut two slices of potatoes and two slices of lemons and place them over your eyes for 20 minutes. Then rinse with nice cold water. The result is guaranteed. Read on after the photo

Another very effective remedy for dark circles is pink clay. Mixed with distilled water, the clay offers great results and in a very short time. These are substances that are ideal for deflating the eyes and making the dark color typical of dark circles disappear. If in addition to distilled water, you also mix an oil with the clay (for example that of almonds or olive oil) you will get a cream that will also moisturize the eye contour. To try. Read on after the photo

Nutrition is also very important to have toned skin and without dark circles. Eating foods with vitamin C and vitamin K daily is an anti-dark circle solution. What to eat then? Grapes, citrus fruits and kiwis perform an anticoagulant function and counteract the stagnation of liquids which is primarily responsible for the formation of dark circles.

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