Who was Charles Dickens

Who was Charles Dickens: all about the writer


“A Christmas Carol” has now become a true cult film to see during the Christmas period. The story that sees Jim Carrey as the Spirit of Christmas is the fruit of the great writer Charles Dickens, also known for having written some of the most beautiful novels in history.

Who was Charles Dickens

Charles John Huffam Dickens (Portsmouth, February 7, 1812 – Higham, June 9, 1870) was an English writer. It grows in one very large family made up of eight children and parents Elizabeth and John who choose to move to London in 1815. The stay in the English capital is relatively short because shortly after they take home in Chatham and here begins the real life of little Charles. He is taught according to the Baptist upbringing soon becoming passionate about the world of literature.

Following a economic difficulties the family decides to return to London in the Camden Town neighborhood, known to be one of the poorest neighborhoods in the city. Life constantly puts Dickens to the test, leading him to arrest following debts that are solved by the family, which therefore becomes even more impoverished. She is only 12 when her parents agree to send it to the factory and abandon him to his fate, inevitably leading him to great suffering.

Relationships in the family manage to resolve after a few years when Charles is sent home and his father decides to enroll him at the Wellington House Academy.

Success as a writer by Charles Dickens

It manages to join a law firm at only fifteen, but soon realizes that the profession of lawyer is not for him. However, he discovers that he is still interested in judicial dynamics and decides to collaborate with his uncle’s agency as parliamentary reporter. In addition to working for “The Mirror of Parliament” he begins to collaborate with “The True Sun” and then with the “Morning Chronicle” where he begins to publish the first drafts of his works that are collected in volume with the name “Sketches by Boz “.

Who was Charles Dickens

In the meantime he also begins to publish his own in the Morning Chronicle first novel entitled “The posthumous notebooks of the Pickwick Circle” with which he soon became a well-known author on the English scene. In the same way he publishes the first episode of “Oliver Twist”, his greatest successful novel. The publications continue to flourish and in the meantime, after a period of rest following an operation, he plans a travel to the United States. Visit numerous cities in different parts of the country and be shocked by the conditions of black slaves especially in Virginia.

Back to Europe after the release of “A Christmas Carol” one of his greatest hits. Decide to visit Italy then recounting it through the book “Pictures from Italy” and “The Chimes”, the latter inspired by the stop in Genoa in 1844. Once back home he finds himself having to face a series of rather unpleasant family dynamics, but he also has the great satisfaction of found a periodical from the name “Household Words”.

Charles Dickens and the last years of his life

Who was Charles Dickens

With the beginning of the 1950s, a extremely difficult period. In fact, he soon lost his daughter and in the meantime his wife fell ill so he decided to move to Paris for a couple of years, permanently losing relations with his family. In fact, he separates from his wife, making their break-up public by telling the reasons for the separation in the newspapers. Towards the end of the decade he decides to devote yourself to the world of theater writing real readings. He manages to realize this great passion that he has carried on since his youth when he followed with love the works of Shakespear in the theater.

In 1865, however, he remains involved in a train accident which marks him a lot. Added to this is also a poor health that is ultimately revealed to be brought about by a bout of paralysis. Although his physical condition seemed to have improved, in 1870 the symptoms caused by a cerebral hemorrhage that led to his death the day after a mysterious fainting returned.

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