Who is Serena Rossi: all about the actress


He began his career as a teenager as a singer, but soon moved towards acting on television programs. Who is Serena Rossi and what is there to know about her life?

Who is Serena Rossi

Serena Rossi was born in Naples in 1985.

In 2002 he made his debut as a singer in the musical “Once upon a time … Scugnizzi” and a year later, at the age of 18, she was cast for a part in the famous and very popular fiction “A Place in the Sun”, in which she plays the character of Carmen Catalano.

The television project and the shift from a career as a singer to that of an actress did not prevent her from continuing to cultivate her passion for music: in 2006 her first EP was released. “Love folk” composed of 5 songs taken from the Rai fiction.

Also in the same year, he collaborated on several other television productions and made his big screen debut with the film “Free yourself – Children of a minor revolution”.

Since 2010 he takes part in some of the most popular made in Italy TV series such as “God help us” And “RIS – Imperfect crimes”. The theater remains a constant for her even in recent years, even if she no longer treads the stage as a singer but as an actress.

In 2013, she also lived her very first experience as a voice actress for the animated cartoon Frozen: the actress lends the voice to the protagonist of the film, Princess Anna.

Between 2014 and 2016 there are many activities in which Serena Rossi is committed. Take part in the talent “Such and what show” (winning), records some covers and theme songs of cartoons and plays a part in the Rai series “Mobile Team”. She will also be the host of “Detto Fatto” on Rai 2 and the Italian commentator of the Eurovision Song Contest in the 2018 edition.

As for the cinema, Serena Rossi gets several parts in 2018 and 2019. Some of the films she stars in are: “Love and Underworld”, “Good girls”, “7 hours to make you fall in love”. One of the projects that Serena works for which she has been most appreciated is certainly the TV film dedicated to the life of Mia Martini, “I am mine”, which will also open the doors to her to be chosen as the protagonist for the miniseries “Mina Settembre”.

Private life

On the set of “Un posto al sole”, Serena Rossi also met her life partner Davide Devenuto, with whom in 2016 she had her first child, Diego. In February 2019, the actress also arrived marriage proposal by his partner live on Sunday In.

The two, despite the 13 years of age difference, they are very happy and serene and, in some interviews, have declared that they are perfectly able to combine their work commitments with private life.

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