Who is Salma Hayek

Who is Salma Hayek: life of the actress


Known primarily for her stunning portrayal of Frida Kahlo in the film about her life, Salma Hayek actually has a long career marked by just as many successes. Let’s discover his career path from the beginnings to notoriety.

Who is Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek, born Salma del Carmen Hayek Jiménez-Pinault (Coatzacoalcos, September 2, 1966) is a Mexican actress. He grew up in his hometown together with his father, an important businessman, his mother, an opera singer and his younger brother. She is educated according to the rules of the Catholic religion, far from hers exuberant spirit and her hyperactive problems that lead her to be anything but calm in life.

After completing compulsory school, he moved to Mexico City to attend the university of international relations, but soon after he left his studies with the desire to pursue his greatest passion: acting.

Salma Hayek’s debut as an actress

She made her debut as an actress in “The Sinbad Show” but her role in the sitcom lasted only for a few episodes. Subsequently participates in some commercials and gets a part in a soap entitled “Teresa”, but aspires to world of cinema and so in 1987 he moved to Los Angeles.

It first appeared on the big screen in 1993 with “Mi vida loca” to then act later in “Desperado” alongside Antonio Banderas.

Here he begins to collaborate with the director Robert Rodriguez who chooses it for numerous other projects including “Four Rooms” or “The Faculty”. In 1997 he achieved great success thanks to the films “Apple and Tequila – A crazy love story with surprise” and “BreakingUp – Leaving” alongside Russell Crowe.

Who is Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek’s work successes

Among the most successful projects that see her involved, one cannot fail to mention “Frida”. Julie Taymor’s film sees her in the role of painter Frida Kahlo and through this role she also gets the nomination for the Osca Awardr for Best Actress in a Leading Role and numerous other film awards.

In 2004 she also returns to collaborate with director Rodriguez who chooses her for the film “Once upon a time in Mexico”, where she plays alongside Johnny Depp and the already well-known colleague Antonio Banderas with whom she also works in “Mission 3D. – Game over”. Two years later she celebrates two projects that see her as a protagonist as well as a participant in the making of the film, which I am “Bandidas”, alongside Penélope Cruz, e “Lonely Hearts”, alongside Jared Leto.

Salma is not only an actress, she is also wife and mother. In fact, he met his partner Francois-Henri Pinault in 2006 with whom he brought into the world a year later Valentina Paloma. The story between the two turns out to be turbulent, but revealing an important love. In addition, Hayek has shown over the years to be very attentive to various social issues by engaging as an activist for various causes.

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