Nicoletta Braschi, how she got the scars


A career made of successes, marked by culture, a deep passion for art, theater and acting. A career enriched by great emotions, always shared with his wife Nicoletta. They are Sandra and Raimondo from the big screen: Roberto Benigni And Nicoletta Braschi, very much in love after so many years of marriage, they are a couple in life and at work.

To the Venice Film Festival, where art is combined with fashion, elegance and refinement, there was no shortage of smiles thanks to the famous Tuscan actor. Roberto Benigni received the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement and his dedication is all for his wife. Many will have noticed that Nicoletta Braschi wears scars on her face: what are they due to?

Nicoletta Braschi, because she has scars on her face

For a long time she was the muse of films written, directed and performed by her husband, also working on them as a producer.

Many fans and movie buffs wonder what caused Nicoletta Braschi’s scars. To tell it was the actress herself: “I was one step away, but one step away from…”. So said the actress in an interview with Vanity Fair, confiding the difficulties encountered following a car accident in which she got involved. “As the surgeon who operated on me told me, I did it because I am a bad skin.

Very proud to be. I feel like a sailor who bears the marks of his exploits on his face“, He added.

In 2012, in fact, Braschi was involved in a serious road accident. The driver he was traveling with was hit by a ray of sunshine, losing control of the vehicle and crashing into a light pole. Due to the violent impact, the woman reported a facial trauma and was immediately hospitalized. Fortunately, Benigni’s wife has recovered but still bears the scars on her face.

Nicoletta Braschi, the dedication of Roberto Benigni

The seventy-eighth edition of the Venice Film Festival has opened in style, where Penelope Cruz, bright and very elegant, Pedro Almodovar, ready to present his new film, but also Bianca Balti and Mariachiara Boscono, up to Georgina Rodriguez, arrived. now ready to return to England alongside her beloved Christian.

But the spotlight is all on Roberto Benigni, who received the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement in the presence of President Mattarella. This time no show, but a standing ovation greeted him with affection and admiration. No racing in the armchairs, but a lot of happiness. In front of the staggered room in compliance with the anti-Covid rules, he commented: “The lion? I deserved a kitten. It is not an emotion: it is more, what I feel is a feeling of love and that I would like to return tenfold. When theI knew I made rumba steps, naked though ”.

The most special and romantic dedication is precisely to his wife, a loving companion, to whom he said:I cannot dedicate the Lion for Lifetime Achievement to Nicoletta: it is hers. I take my tail, the wings are yours, talent, mystery, charm and femininity. You emanate light, love at first sight, indeed eternal sight“.

His words for Nicoletta are moving: “I cannot dedicate the award to the person who “learns” my mind, as Dante says, to the my favorite actress Nicoletta Braschi, this award is hers for which you will be the one to dedicate it. We’ve been doing it all together for 40 years, me I only know one way to measure time, with or without you. If I have done something good it is thanks to your light ”.

Nicoletta Braschi, a life alongside Benigni

Roberto Benigni and Nicoletta Braschi they married in 1991 and has remained by his side ever since. “There is a before and after her. In the first, everything was farce “, the famous director had told in an interview.

At Vanity Fair he said: “He gave me the truth. As I flew, she brought me back down to earth, and I can’t imagine another face, another presence, another breath that isn’t her. For me it is a blessing. It really was “.

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