Who is Raquel Welch

Who is Raquel Welch: story of the actress


Considered a real sex symbol of 1960s cinema, Raquel Welch has proven to be much more. Determined to prove her worth, she experimented with different genres and roles, achieving great success.

Who is Raquel Welch

Raquel Welch, born Jo Raquel Tejada (Chicago, September 5, 1940), is an American actress.

She grows up in Illinois with her mother Josephine and her new partner James Welch, although her father is a Bolivian aeronautical engineer named Carlos Tejada Urquizo.

From an early age she is passionate about acting and made her debut as an actress in 1964 getting small parts in films like “Madame P… and her girls” and “The Singer at the Funfair” alongside Elvis Presley. She then participated for a short time also in television projects such as “The Virginian” and “Bewitched”, but achieved great success when she was assigned the role of Loana in “A million years ago”.

Raquel Welch’s debut in the world of cinema

With that film, whose poster presents her in a provocative pose in a bikini, asserts itself as a sex symbol of that period. Everything is also emphasized through parts in films such as “Fanthom – Beautiful intrepid and spy” and “My friend the devil”. He then takes part in a successful film project alongside Stephen Boyd entitled “A hallucinating journey” playing the only female character in the film.

Being labeled as simply “beautiful” leads the actress to want and have to test herself more than others. For this in the course of time it launches in several film projects including comedies, such as “Shoot harder, harder … I don’t understand!” detective, like “The lady in the concrete” or western, like “Bandolero!”.

Who is Raquel Welch

The last years of Raquel Welch’s career

In 1970 he then took part together with actors such as Mae West, Farrah Fawcett and John Huston in the film “The case of Myra Breckinridge”. Later he took part with Burt Reynolds in the film “… and all in small tickets” and then achieved great success with the role of Costanza in the film “The Three Musketeers” which also earned her a Golden Globe.

She also reinterprets the same in the sequel “Milady”, but in the years to come she moves further and further away from the big screen. He returns to acting after almost twenty years of silence in the film “A blunt bullet 33⅓ – The final insult “ interpreting itself. In 2010 he then published his first book entitled “Beyond the Cleavage”, an autobiographical work that recounts intimate aspects of his life.

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