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With the start of the 78th edition of the international film art exhibition in Venice, we just have to talk about the jury this year. What is striking is the presence of not one, but three juries. In addition to the president, there are 6 jurors, including 4 women.

For the first time, therefore, women represent the majority. Representing the blue odds, we have the Romanian director and documentary maker Alexander Nanau, that certainly with his two Oscar nominations makes his presence worthwhile. Let’s find out more about Alexander Nanau, who he is and how he came to be sworn in in Venice 78.

Who is Alexander Nanau

Alexander is of Romanian origin, in fact he was born in Bucharest on May 18 of 1979, at the age of 12 years, in 1990, yes moves to Germany. There he fulfills his own direction studies at theBerlin German Academy of Film and Television (DFFB). Thanks to his skill he obtained two scholarships and thus continued his studies to become a director.

Documentaries are his specialty and passion.

He made his debut in the world of directing in 2010 with the documentary The World According to Ion B. It continues in 2014 with Toto and His Sisters; while in 2017 he is director of photography for the documentary shot in Afghanistan: Nothingwood, with director Sonia Kronlund.

In 2020 comes the great success with Collective (Colectiv). The film is a investigative documentary which reports the circumstances surrounding it the Colectiv fire and its political consequences. The film, of which Alexander is the director, screenwriter, producer, photographic director, gets two Oscar nominations. Thus Collective is not only nominated as best documentary And best international film; but it is also the first Romanian representative film, to win the Oscars.

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Collective was presented, out of competition, premiered on 4 September 2019 at 76th edition of the Venice International Film Festival. Now Alexander Nanau, thanks to this documentary, he is instead on the other side participating in Venice78 in the guise of judge.

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