Alessandro Borghi’s new look at the Venice Film Festival


There 78th Film Festival continues, between absolute premieres and a shower of stars on the red carpet. Among these, he amazed in the Italian panorama Alessandro Borghi, which during the second evening of the Venice Film Festival showed off a whole new look.

Alessandro Borghi at the Venice Film Festival

As a true transformer, over the years he had already accustomed us to his style changes due to the different roles he held. The latest film he stars in, Mondocane, directed by Alessandro Celli, was presented at the Venice Film Festival and is available in cinemas from 3 September. The 34-year-old Roman actor plays the boss of a baby gang in a future Taranto devastated by pollution. Upon arrival in the lagoon, everyone was amazed by his new look, adopted for script needs.

It is not his first time at the Venice Film Festival: in 2017 he had the honor of being the first godfather in the history of the Festival.

The new Borghi look

Upon his arrival at the Lido, everyone was struck by his thick hair and thick, long beard. White t-shirt, beige waistcoat and blue trousers, combined with round glasses completed the casual and relaxed look, signed by Gucci.

The real attention, however, was received by theoutfits on the red carpet, an elegant and relaxed mix.

Always relying on Gucci, the actor wore a burgundy double-breasted jacket with black profiles like the trousers, instead of the classic black. He chose to keep there open white shirt up to the third button, without bow tie or tie. A combination of different styles, with a slightly hipster beard, an almost dandy glamorous jacket and a touch of informality given by the open collar. A combination perhaps risky, but not too much, which did not go unnoticed.

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Beside him was his girlfriend Irene Forti, with a foot-length black dress with a plunging V-neckline and a button embellishment that ideally matched his double-breasted suit. Their story has been going on since 2020, but both have always preferred to keep it. Together they walk the red carpet hand in hand, close in complicity and in perfect harmony, even with clothing.

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