Francesca Giuliano today: what does the former historical face of Avanti an other do?


Francesca Giuliano, after his interlude at Avanti another, he decided to open a profile on Onlyfans, the adult video platform.

Francesca Giuliano today

Giuliano, after her interlude in Paolo Bonolis’ program, decided to totally change her life and to open her profile on Onlyfans, the adult video platform.

I have earned more than a normal salary in a month. I don’t see anything wrong with it. It is not off limits and it is not a red light site

These are Giuliano’s words to those who ask her why she opened a profile on Onlyfans. Giuliano, however, dreams of a reality show, whether it is Big Brother Vip or the island of the famous, which has just begun, this is not yet known.

Francesca Giuliano is also very popular on social media and has become a symbol of body positivity

I am honored to be the symbol of the fight against body shaming. A word hurts more than a gesture

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