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Francesca Fioretti and her book on Davide Astori


Three years after the sudden death of the footballer Davide Astori, his partner, Francesca Fioretti has announced the release of the book I am more love.

Francesca Fioretti: book on Davide Astori

Francesca Fioretti, with a post on his Instagram profile announced the release of his book I am more love, in which he talks about his partner, Davide Astori, a footballer who died in his sleep in 2018.

But not only that, in a succession of words, he also explained the reasons why he heard the need to write it. It is a turning point in Fioretti’s life, a new beginning for her and his daughter Vittoria (had by the Fiorentina captain in 2016), not to forget what it was.

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The book comes out Thursday 6 May 2021, for the publishing house “La nave di Teseo”.

Francesca Fioretti book Davide: three years after his death

It was the March 4, 2018 when, in a hotel in Udine that hosted the Fiorentina team before the Serie A match against Udinese, the lifeless body of the footballer Davide Astori.

Born in Bergamo in 1987, Astori was a defender who had played in various teams, from Cagliari to Rome, arriving at Fiorentina in the summer of 2015, of which he later became captain.

According to the autopsy, the sudden death it occurred from cardiac death, following ventricular fibrillation due to silent arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy. Following the death of the young Astori, the Serie A matches were postponed. Furthermore, both Fiorentina and Cagliari, after his death, withdrew the number 13 jersey, which he used to wear as a sign of admiration for Alessandro Del Piero.

Over the years, the Fioretti, through a profound analysis path he learned to live with the pain of loss, even fighting for his daughter Vittoria. Very reserved, very few times she gave interviews about what happened.

The announcement of Fioretti’s book comes a few days after an important one sentence of the Court of Florence.

The death of Astori, in fact, according to the sentence, was not only a fatality but the result of some wrong medical assessments. The professor Giorgio Galanti, the only defendant for the footballer’s death, was sentenced to one year in prison. The doctor was in fact accused of manslaughter for not having recognized and consequently evaluated some anomalies that emerged during the effort test held by the Fiorentina captain. These anomalies, according to prosecutor Antonino Nastasi, should have turned on an alarm bell and given rise to investigations. In addition to one year’s imprisonment, Professor Galanti was also sentenced to payment for damages for a total of 1 million 90 thousand euros: 250 thousand in favor of Francesca Fioretti, 240 thousand for her daughter Vittoria, 600 thousand for Astori’s parents and brothers.

Only a month before the sentence, Fioretti, with a post on Instagram, gave life to an outburst in which she declared herself ready to attend the hearing which would later take place. And so it was.

[…] The idea that David’s death could be avoided even increases the pain. But if there was even the slightest chance that he had an extra minute, an extra hour, or his entire life, I believe that possibility had to be explored, that he deserved to have it and that everything that has it hindered should, in case, come to light […]

Following the conviction, Galanti’s lawyer declared that he wanted to challenge the sentence, which he considered unjust. On the contrary, Francesca Fioretti said she was satisfied with the doctor’s sentence.

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