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Zodiac signs and head shots: who needs to change their haircut?


Eyes on the stars! Today we explore the relationship between zodiac signs and head shots and we reveal who is ready to change their haircut and … life of course, because you know: new look, new existence!

A devil for a hair? Maybe it’s the fault of the relationship between zodiac signs and head shots! Yes, because as we all know the stars dominate every aspect of our behavior and can also get a hand in the desire to change our look.

In particular, at this time, the firmament suggests cuts and new hair styles to the signs that follow. But be careful, because obviously not everyone has the same tastes. And, in addition, the stars “dose” the desire for change. But let’s see everything in detail!

Gemini: desire to change everything

Gemini, ready to radically change their look? We know perfectly well that those born under this sign need innovation to stimulate their curiosity and this also applies to haircuts.

Generally speaking, Gemini is among the signs that they love change more: they love to upset things, situations, furnishings and so on and so forth. In this moment of transition, in particular, the change affects the .. head.

And when we talk about the head, we talk about it with double significance: at this moment Gemini are rediscovering a new way of existing and to approach things.

There is a real mental shift taking place, which will lead them to see the world with new eyes. So now is the time to run to the hairdresser and to play with cuts and spikes.

Change of haircut suggested for Gemini

Analyzing the zodiac signs and head shots, Gemini certainly needs something that drastically changes their image.

However, precisely because of their desire to change constantly, it is better to opt for medium cuts that can lend themselves to further modifications and changes during the autumn months.

Leone, indomitable even in the cuts

Strong, courageous, indomitable: those born under the sign of Leo they are not really afraid of anything, least of all scissors. It is therefore not surprising that with the approach of autumn they rediscover the desire to dare and transform themselves into a bolder version of themselves.

Those of Leo have a magnetic and intense charm also due to a desire not only intrinsic but also continuously expressed to improve themselves and their existence.

Short curly haircut

For Leo, a change of look will never be just a change of look, a haircut it will never be just a hair change: those born under this sign change only if they are sure they are improving.

This can sometimes lead to some mistakes, but never anything irreparable: those born under this sign, in fact, already know which are the ideal hairstyles with which to dare.

Change of cut suggested for the Leone

Suggesting a haircut to those born under the sign of Leo is nothing short of impossible: as Queens of the Forest, all lionesses are they will prepare for the rite of cutting documenting and testing.

Basically the stars also give the okay radical changes accompanied by the warm colors of autumn, but eyes to follow the rules of the perfect cut so as not to find yourself growling at the hairdresser.

Virgo: cut, but in moderation

Mild, romantic and always chic: those born under the sign of Virgo are distinguished by their goodness of mind and their inclination to please others, to accompany them and to be close to them until the end.

Never a guerrilla, never a belligerent, the Virgin is not a rebel but cyclically feels an innate desire to leave your comfort zone. This is just one of those periods and it is accompanied by the desire to give it a break.

Girl with cute short cut

Cut not only the hair, but also some toxic residues from a few months. Let’s say that at this moment for Virgo is in act a process of “pruning” which does not jeopardize her comfortable habits but eliminates some bad trails that could poison her.

A careful process, accompanied by profound reflection and careful evaluations that will soon bear fruit.

Change of cut suggested for Virgo

Like the pruning process going on in her existence, the Virgin should opt for a new cut which, however, you don’t completely change his image and his style. Here is a small list to evaluate:

There is therefore only the embarrassment of choice!

Scorpio, let’s cut … everything!

Finally, here we are with Scorpio, the wildest sign if you explore the relationship between the zodiac signs and head shots.

Assuming that for Scorpio every day is an adventure, a challenge that must necessarily be faced with sensuality and magnetism, at this moment the stars push to change everything. But absolutely everything!

Girl with rock haircut

So, while those born under this sign re-evaluate their relationships, friendships and career there is also time for a drastic change of look. We need to rejuvenate and get rid of what has accumulated in recent months, weighing down our existence.

The idea is to present oneself to the world with a new image, more powerful and vigorous, and with an attitude not only energetic, but almost overbearing: come on Scorpio, the world is all yours!

Change of cut suggested for Scorpio

A suggested cut for Scorpio? Any capable of returning an effect punk or rock! Yes to short cuts, effect scales and even shaves.

A good compromise is the mullet, clearly declined in a modern and feminine key. Dare without hesitation!


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