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What happens if you don’t protect your hair from the sun?


If you are wondering if it is better to protect your hair from the sun’s rays or if you can even do without it, the answer is only one: yes absolutely! Here, then, are all the reasons why it is important to shield the hair from the sun, guaranteeing health and beauty.

When it comes to summer, the first thing that comes to mind is the sun. Its warmth, tanning, beautiful days full of fun and games in the water. But also the UV protection for both our skin and hair. In particular, however, this latter aspect is neglected. And the thought of how to protect the hair from the sun’s rays and external agents that can affect and damage it is lost along with millions of other things.

The result? Only one. A appointment with the hairdresser of trust to cut away, in spite of ourselves, the part of the ruined hair. Trying as much as possible of to remedy the summer damage caused by the sun and restore a situation of balance and well-being to the entire hair, from root to tip. But what are the damage that the sun can cause to hair if it is not adequately protected? And are they really all solvable with a new fall look?

Sunshine on the hair? Goodbye shine!

Some consequences that the sun can bring to the hair when it is not sufficiently shielded are clearly visible, one among all the loss of luster and the possible color variation of the foliage. Nothing serious when it comes to that very slight lightening that is so popular, capable of creating a totally natural “highlights” effect. A little more troubling if this becomes excessive, leading to dull the hair. The reason?

Prolonged exposure to the sun leads to the lifting of the cuticles which, by ceasing to reflect the light, make the hair more dull and dull. But not only. The damage to the cuticles leads the hair to dry out, facilitating the appearance of split ends, del classic frizz effect and also leading to weakening of the scalp. A mix of absolutely negative consequences for the well-being and beauty of our hair.

More sun, less strength

Another unfortunate disadvantage related to too much exposure of the foliage to the sun without protection, it is about their strength. Yes, even the hair has it but the drying up of their structure and the raising of the scales that cover them can progressively reduce it, leading to two main consequences: breakage of the hair itself and, in some cases, their fall.

Which, however, can only be noticed more after a while, perhaps already returning from holidays or at the end of the season. When there is no more time than now preserve the hair from this possible damage. And this happens on any type of hair and regardless of the starting point (healthy, natural, dyed, etc.)

Sunshine, hair bulbs also suffer

When it comes to hair, often, we tend to consider only the most visible part, the crown. The one that, also thanks to the many possibilities to style it differently, makes your look absolutely amazing. Obviously if you remember to protect it, also taking care of the bulbs.

These, in fact, play an extremely important role in it hair development and metabolism themselves. Functions that can be altered by bad exposure to the sun, leading them to be passive and therefore not to perform their task correctly. The result? Intuitable, or theweakening and hair loss. This is why it is also important to protect the roots, preserving the health of the bulbs and the beauty of the foliage. Excluding hair loss.

weak hair

Pay attention to the scalp

If you think that the sunburn problem affects only certain areas of the body, the most visible ones, such as shoulders, feet or décolleté, know that no. The sun’s rays don’t just hit these parts and, even if you don’t see it, they can also burn the scalp. When this happens the direct consequence is thepremature aging of the skin (as it happens in any other part of the body) and the weakening of the bulbs, which as seen can cause the hair to fall out.

But not only. A much more serious consequence due to this lack of care and attention towards one’s hair and the skin of the head, is the formation of disorders and pathologies important, such as the melanoma. A more than valid reason to start protecting your hair and head from the sun’s rays right now!

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Sun rays and alopecia

Finally, another little known consequence deriving from the lack of protection of the hair and skin of the head, is the far from remote possibility that diseases such as Lichen Plano Pilare form. That is a real one inflammation of the scalp at the base of other disorders such as alopecia, both temporary and permanent (i.e. from which there is no going back).

This is why it is essential to take care of your hair, protecting them from the sun’s rays with adequate and constant protection. Preserving their health and reducing the risk of incurring problems or even serious illnesses.

How to protect your hair

And to do this, you don’t need major actions or special treatments. That’s enough devote the right attention to the hair daily and shield it from the sun in a targeted and total way:

  • covering your head with a wide-headed hat (or whatever model you prefer), a bandana or a scarf;
  • protecting the hair with a adequate sun protection, with specific sun products (oils, sprays, etc.) that have a high SPF protection factor;
  • applying some masks once or twice a week able to nourish and protect the skin and hair from root to tip;
  • moisturizing the hair with a correct hair routine but also through nutrition and fluid intake during the day.

Summer hair

Everything is valid and allowed when it comes to protect your hair and prevent it from being damaged, more or less serious. Always keeping them strong, beautiful and shiny. Guaranteeing you to show off healthy hair all summer and for months to come.


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