A Davines look

Summer 2021 hairstyles for all hair lengths


Summer has arrived with all the desire to start again in beauty. In 2021 the protagonists are the hair, because all eyes are on them. Any ideas to collect them in the heat? Here are 20 to draw inspiration from!

What could be more refreshing in the summer than collecting your hair? Tails, buns and braids are the order of the day. What if I want something different? Be inspired by trends of summer 2021: for hairstyles there are ideas for all tastes! The styles vary from the nostalgic mood, with various references to the decades of the past, to the futuristic one, with a look forward in time and space.

Hairstyles for summer 2021 are quick and easy, to go from day to night in the blink of an eye! To prevail is the desire to return to nature, intended both as a primordial element and as a simplicity of forms. Here, then, hairstyles that follow the fake randomness, an evergreen look ideal in the summer.

However, there is no shortage refined hair styling that with their intertwining reproduce the diversity of the material offered by nature. Think of those hairstyles that seem to draw straw, flowers, plants … Seeing is believing! And while you’re at it, take a look at the hairstyles of 2021: when it comes to hair, your summer will certainly be original!

A z.one concept look

Summer 2021 hairstyles with bandana

Sometimes just a comb applied on the side and the hair takes on another aspect. To style your hair quickly and easily you can, for example, backcomb the forehead tuft and point it back with a clip. Or twist one on itself side lock and fix it on the temple. Look below for simple hairstyles that you can create yourself every day too!

A Davines look A Davines look

A colored bandana is enough to immediately take on a summer look! Choose it in contrast to the hair color.

A Company of Beauty look A Company of Beauty look

Hairstyles with tuft

A Kemon look A Kemon look

A cheeky idea for summer hairstyles is to collect the hair at the nape of the neck in a more or less casual way and leave the tuft of the forehead free. You can decide to model it as you like with a soft wax that leaves no residue.

A Framesi look A Framesi look

Summer 2021 hairstyles: tails

Who said that the tail of horse is trivial? With a little flair and creativity, it can be transformed into a thousand different styles that make it unusual and always new. For it to be perfect, it is good that the hair is not just washed, especially if it is straight and thin, otherwise it risks “running away” from the elastic.

One idea is to tie your hair in the two side ponytails like when you were a child. But to make the hairstyle more adult, you can tie the tail on itself randomly.

Here is a tail made as a slow braid and three strands.

A Cotril look A Cotril look

Cecilia Rodriguez’s tail proposed by Cotril is slightly disheveled with side locks that fall free to frame the face and a lock
rolled up on the elastic that fixes it to cover it. It is precisely her messy look that makes her less romantic and more rock.
It is a perfect hairstyle for the summer because it is anti-heat as the hair is gathered and leaves the neck free. In addition, it is quick to make, and its easy but impactful character makes it an ideal look both day and night.

A Framesi look A Framesi look

At the top and bottom some ideas of super composed low ponytails, the rigor is softened by the initial weave that makes the hairstyle easier.

The puffed tail for very long hair

The puffy tail is a cool and comfortable hairstyle idea in the summer. The sine qua non is having very long hair. It is easy to do: just alternate 2 or 3 bands, depending on the length of the hair, and that’s it. It is also an ideal ponytail for not wearing out the hair when riding a scooter or motorcycle.

Hairstyles summer 2021: long hair

Long hair is the one you can have fun with, leaving free space for creativity. Hairstyles can be more or less elaborate, with softly braided or knotted locks at the nape and sides of the head. The effects? Mostly romantic, because long hair already evokes an idea of ​​romance and sweetness in itself.

A Framesi look A Framesi look

The hairstyle in the photo above is a proposal from the bridal collection ofhair designer Salvo Filetti, but it can be an inspiration for warm summer evenings. It is made up of simple, tender and luminous weaves. The essential and minimal motifs. Torchon become protagonists, embellished both with precious threads and with flowery lianas that weave poetic motifs in all directions of the wind. The locks follow each other in a single chain definition.

Summer 2021 hairstyles: braids

The hairstyles on long hair they are often soft to show the beauty of a manicured hair. The soft hairstyles also enhance the shades of color, especially in blondes or browns enriched with lighter reflections.

The strong point of these hairstyles is the volume, which is often created by teasing the hair or adding extensions. You can also make braids that will then be “opened” to create somewhat messy effects.

Hairstyles for medium hair

With medium length hair you can play with side braids attached to the head, mini chignon at the top or microcode with jewel accessories. Typically, hairstyles involve using strands of the forehead or the sides of the head. The effects are amazing, because the hair becomes optically longer!

A Wella look A Wella look

The chignon

In addition to the classics chignon, the collected hairstyles include more elaborate hairstyles made by knotting and various intertwining of hair on themselves. There are beautiful ones to reserve for special occasions, not necessarily on the day of the yes. Long hair is a must, and often these too are “helped” by specific sponge supports, as long as they are invisible!

A Jean Louis David look A Jean Louis David look

Hairstyles for short hair

If the hair exceeds 15 cm there is room to style it with creative flair. If, on the other hand, they are shorter, the only solution to show off new hairstyles is to use hair accessories to be pointed here and there on the head.

Any short hair hairstyle ideas? Braids made like wreaths, semi-collected in micro format and fake micro chignon, fixed with many hairpins.


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