Straightening brush, how it works and which one to choose


Among the latest arrivals in the world of hair care, the straightening brush is a worthy substitute for straighteners, particularly suitable for those who do not like the extra smooth look but are still looking for a method to discipline their hair.

Straightening brush, what is it

The straightening brush is one of the latest beauty proposals designed to keep hair in order, without exceeding in a too smooth look.

Suitable for both long, medium and short hair it is very versatile because it can be used on almost all hair types. Its operation is very easy and intuitive, as it does not require expert dexterity, it can also be used by those who are beginners and approaching the world of hairdressing for the first time.

Considered a real revolution in the world of hair care, it is one of the safest hair straightening systems because, thanks to its constant temperature, it greatly reduces the risk of damaging the hair.

How to handle the straightening brush

Simple and practical to use, as anticipated, the straightening brush thanks to its heated bristles allows you to act quickly on the hair, guaranteeing a perfect smoothness. Handling it is really simple and does not require excessive attention.

The bristles – often ceramic – heat up along their entire length with the exception of the tips which remain cold. In this way you avoid the risk of incurring unwanted burns by keeping the skin protected and working only on the hair shaft.

How to prepare your hair before using the straightening brush

Obviously, before you can use the smoothing brush the hair must be prepared, in order to obtain a professional result like at the hairdresser.

First it is necessary wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner and dry them carefully taking care not to use any styling products, such as foam, gel, oil or lotions. The only product that can be applied is one heat protection spray.

After untangled and combed the hair carefully by eliminating all the knots you can start using the smoothing brush. Turn it on and heat it by setting the temperature that best suits your hair type, for example: for fine hair the temperature should not exceed 150 ° -170 ° C, for normal the 190 ° -210 ° C, while for the most thick it can also reach 230 ° C. If you can’t change the temperature, your brush should reach around 180 ° and no more.

Now you can divide your hair into locks – if you have them very thick, it is better to small locks – and start styling, taking care to make slow and delicate movements. Based on the hair type it may also be necessary, the final result will be a smooth hair and a perfect styling.

Can it be used on wet hair?

We say yes, as long as it is indicated on the type of brush purchased. In fact, there are some models on the market that emit jets of steam capable of drying the hair and facilitating straightening.

Particularly recommended in case of curly or afro hair, once the hair has been washed it will not be necessary to pre-dry it but you can immediately switch to the straightening brush.

How to choose the right straightening brush

On the market it is possible to choose between various types of smoothing brush that vary not only according to the price range but also to technical details. These brushes can be in various materials, for example: ceramic (the most expensive but also the most effective), in tourmaline (suitable for frizzy hair) or in chrome (the cheapest).

Before choosing your straightening brush, we advise you to reflect on how much you will use it over time in order to decide also the power, the practicality, the structure, the dimensions, the materials of which it is made and the heating system. In this way you will be sure that you have made the best choice for you. As for the power, the ideal is to choose one higher than the 110W because it can also be used abroad while on vacation.

Finally, the heating system can be electric (more recommended for its duration) or batteries (suitable for holidays).

In the gallery the latest straightening brush proposals!

Ghd, Glide brush. Price: 129 €

Dyson, Dyson Airwrap ™ Complete Styler. Price: 499 €

Gorgeous, My Pro Magic Straight Brush professional electric straightening brush. Price: € 49.90

Revlon, Salon One Step. Price: € 49.99

Rowenta, Brush Hair Dryer. Price: € 64.99


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