Protect your hair in summer, 5 natural remedies


The hottest season is beautiful but it also has the downside: sun, heat and sea water weaken the hair and not a little. So here are some tips to keep your hair always at the top in summer.

THE summer hair are subjected to one stress enormous and to the action of different agents that can undermine its health and beauty. Not surprisingly, it is not uncommon to find each other in September with brittle hair or with an indefinite color and not uniform at all.

If you get to the point of no return, often the only solution is to opt for a drastic cut and shock treatment done by your trusted hairdresser trying to restore your hair to its former glory.

However, summer has recently begun, so you are absolutely in time to avoid this tragic ending.

Here are a few natural remedies to prevent your hair from suffering in the summerand, or to buffer small damage, in case I have already done it.

Stay away from straighteners and hairdryers

When you wash your hair let them dry alone in the open air. In winter, this advice would be impossible because, at the very least, you would catch a cold or your neck in contact with wet hair would instantly freeze. In the summer however it is hot, so why not take advantage of it put the hair dryer, straightening plates and styler in the drawer heat of all kinds?

The advantages are manifold. First of all, of course, to give a little bit of respite to the hair, which during the rest of the year to be dried are constantly exposed to heat sources which inevitably weaken the fiber a little.

Furthermore, spending a few hours with damp or wet hair can be a real relief on the hottest days.

Make regular masks

The nourishing masks and renovators should never be missing in yours hair routine, 12 months a year.

Hair in summer, however, needs it even more because sun, heat, humidity, salt and chlorine attack them mercilessly. To avoid irreparable damage, the only rule is to pamper them as much as possible. The best masks you can use are those do-it-yourself, achievable by combining a few ingredients easily available at home or in supermarkets. Here are the most miraculous.

Mask with olive oil and honey

The honey and olive oil they both have moisturizing, emollient and regenerating properties, and are therefore perfect for giving new life to the hair dry and that tend to the hateful frizz effect.


How to do it

Stir in a small bowl two tablespoons of honey and three of olive oil until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. Apply it on the entire length of the hair, massaging gently, so as to make it penetrate the fibers better.

Leave on for about 15 minutes, then rinse it all off and wash your hair as you usually do.

Yogurt, honey and egg mask

This mask is perfect for hair thin and fragile, that break easily, because it unites thefortifying action given by egg proteins, to the nutritious ones of yogurt and honey.


How to do it

Beat theegg in a container, combine two tablespoons of honey and the contents of a jar of whole white yogurt. Blend the mixture and apply it over the entire length of the hair.

Leave it on for about half an hour, then remove the mask and wash your hair as normal.

Protect your hair from the sun

The beating sun is the first enemy of summer hair and for this reason it is necessary to avoid as much as possible to expose them to its aggressive agents which, exactly as it happens for the skin, can cause considerable damage.

Use a headdress

If you leave the house during the hottest hours, always try to cover your head, and therefore also the hair, with something.

There is no shortage of stylish options, you can opt for a straw hat super cool that in addition to protecting the hair also keeps the skin of the face in the shade, or, if you are a more sporty type, choose a model with visor.


A full bandana

If hats aren’t your thing, fear not, you can cover your summer hair with colorful bandanas or scarves, to combine with your summer outfits.


Create a post bathing hair routine in the sea

If your holidays are dedicated to the sea, don’t forget that sand and salt are certainly not allies of your hair. To prevent them from causing irreparable damage, therefore, try to follow these simple rules.

Once out of the water rinse your hair in a fresh water shower, massaging them gently and trying to remove as much salt as possible.

After this operation, untangle them with a wooden comb with wide teeth, in order to remove any other residues.

Once you get home, wash them thoroughly if you prefer natural and silicone-free products, which do not add more stress to the hair but, on the contrary, nourish it.

Avoid dyeing them before leaving for the sea

Finally, a tip for those who love to experiment with new colors on their hair: take a break in the summer.

Despite the dyes of the latest generation are increasingly natural and in themselves do not represent a real threat to the hair, in the summer they could still prove to be too aggressive. Furthermore, exposure to the sun close to the tint could change its color, causing it to turn towards unlikely and unwelcome shades.


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