discoloration and spray regrowth

Making blondes last: how to deal with discoloration and regrowth


Discoloration and regrowth what a problem! But not if you know all the ways to deal with them. Guaranteeing a more beautiful blond and a longer healthy hair. Here’s how to do it!

Blonde hair what a passion! Bright, sensual and that recall the rays of the summer sun and all the desire for fun typical of the summer. But what to do when discoloration and regrowth conflict? When is your gorgeous blonde locks being “undermined” by the more than obvious growth of their natural hair color?

Simple, in addition to scheduling a session at your trusted hairdresser for when you return from vacation, you can pay attention to a few simple tricks able to do last your blonde hair longer. Slowing down and minimizing the gap that will form between the bleached hair and the regrowth, learning to face it with serenity and style! Here, then, are some small suggestions on what to do and what not to brilliantly overcome the problems that can arise in a hair subject to discoloration and its regrowth.

What is discoloration?

The first thing that needs to be clarified is what is meant by discoloration. Specifically, we mean a hair lightening technique, thus obtaining blond hair as if it had been kissed by the sun. But without having to dye them.

In fact, therefore, the discoloration is nothing more than thedestructive oxidation of melanin, the substance responsible for coloring both hair and skin. Depriving the hair of its natural (or dyed) color, also lightening it with different shades based on the desired blond effect.

How long does the discoloration last

A permanent hair lightening technique. Which is only interrupted by the appearance of natural regrowth of the foliage in its original color. In addition to the fact that even blond hair obtained with this procedure may undergo variations, since due to the treatment itself, they are drier and thinner. And therefore more easily damaged by external agents.

But what to do, therefore, to make bleaching and regrowth coexist without damage, while keeping blonde hair, healthy and beautiful for longer?

Discoloration and regrowth, always use the mmaximum protection from the sun

As mentioned, bleached hair tends to be thinner and drier, which could get worse if you don’t protect it adequately from the sun’s rays. But not only. UV rays, in fact, tend to alter the color of the foliage (and this also in hair without any treatment), thus creating an even greater gap between the part of the hair that has undergone bleaching and regrowth.

For this, to preserve your blond longer and minimize the color variation is good shield the hair with protective sprays special moisturizers to combat dryness, and with a factor Adequate SPF and quite tall. To be reapplied several times throughout the day.

discoloration and spray regrowth

Don’t forget the shower

But be careful. Because even seawater salt or chlorine can interfere with discoloration e compromising your blond. That’s why after every bath it’s always good take a nice shower and wash away any traces of salt or other agents that can damage the hair shaft and change its color from the hair.

In addition, to preserve your blond it is good to rinse the hair even before entering the water. This way it will absorb less chlorine or salt and keep it going longer.

shower discoloration and regrowth

Discoloration and regrowth, watch out for shampoo

Speaking of showers, keeping your blonde hair healthy and beautiful is also important wash them properly. Or rather, with the correct products. Which? Obviously preferring natural and delicate shampoos, always to be chosen according to the type of your hair.

And opting for one at least once a week purple shampoo formulation. Specially designed for blond and very light hair, it will help you keep your color alive and constant, mitigating its regrowth. Obviously without exaggerating with the pose!

discoloration and regrowth shampoo

Yes to dry shampoo

Then be careful not to wash them too often. Another factor that compromises the nuance obtained with the lightening, further fading it and worsening the gap between discoloration and regrowth. The ideal is to opt for less frequent shampoos the use of dry products. Less invasive but super effective, to preserve the beauty and color of your blonde hair.

Avoid DIY!

Absolutely to be avoided, however, is the classic and always too popular DIY. If your blonde hair is under threat and the difference between bleaching and regrowth is now clear do not give in to lightening independently (no, not even if done with your best friend).

Professional bleaches and therefore the only ones that can be used are not for sale in supermarkets, therefore, any product you could use would only go to damage your hair. Better to wait to go to the hairdresser, showing off your beautiful regrowth with pride and charm.

Use a machera to even out discoloration and regrowth

What if you really can’t wait? Assuming that yes, of course you can, it is always better to opt for gods natural remedies and free of “side effects”, such as using “coloring” masks capable of even out the tone of discoloration and regrowth acting as a kind of natural highlighter. For example by combining ingredients such as:

  • yogurt;
  • chamomile;
  • ginger or turmeric depending on the tone of blonde you want.

For revive the blond of your hair, mitigating that of regrowth. And always as shock therapy while waiting for expert hands to take care of your hair.

You just have to fully enjoy your blonde hair, following these little tips for keep its color longer possible. And maybe learning how to manage bleaching and regrowth with hairstyles that can enhance both shades of your hair, for a unique and absolutely original look.


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