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How to protect your hair in the summer, in the round?


We all know that during the summer season hair can get damaged, becoming dry, dull and brittle, breaking very easily. To avoid these effects, it is necessary to identify suitable habits and products to protect your hair and keep it healthy and strong even in summer. Find out how!

During the summer the hair becomes wavy, voluminous and wild, giving us a beautiful natural look. However, factors such as the sun, salt, sea air, wind and chlorine can wear them out.

Often, in fact, after the 3 summer months, the foliage appears dry and damaged and tends to grow really hard. For this reason, many people in September decide to “give us a cut”, perhaps even reluctantly, to give their hair a new life. Does the idea of ​​having to resort to hairdresser’s scissors at the end of the summer terrify you? Don’t worry, let’s see together some tips to protect your mane in these months and keep it healthy and shiny.

Protect the hair from the elements

When you go to the sea, there are two areas of the canopy to protect scalp and the stem.

We talk very often about the effect of ultraviolet rays on the skin, but never about the effect on the head. In this case, know that solar radiation can lead to more or less serious and annoying burns, so we suggest you cover yourself with a nice hat or bandana, which this year is very fashionable again!

As for the stem and lengths, the best choice is to apply a sunscreen for hair, especially the colored ones. On the market there are many versions with different price ranges, fragrances and substances. The formulations are always very light, they do not grease or weigh down the hair, but rather help it to remain fluid even during the hottest days.

This product may contain Vitamin E, Actives, Argan, Almonds, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter or Green Tea, just to name a few natural ingredients that are really very good for your hair.

Wash your hair properly

Even too frequent washing can ruin the hair, making it very weak and brittle. Of course, if you are on vacation and spend every day at the beach, it is inevitable that you always want to have fresh hair.

A solution, therefore, could be that of rinse the head with fresh water every time you take a swim in the sea or in the pool, so as to immediately eliminate traces of chlorine or salt.

At the level of washes, during the hottest season it would be recommended to use warm water and do a final rinse even with cold water. Okay, it can be a bit annoying, but at the same time it helps the hair not to incur a thermal shock that could damage it and make it brittle.

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Always remember to comb wet hair with wide-toothed combs or special brushes for when they are wet, otherwise being more fragile they will break.

Avoid doing the crease with plates and irons

If you don’t have the time or way to let your hair air dry, try using the hair dryer with warm air and to keep it not too close to the head, so as to mitigate the effect of heat.

But in particular, try not to resort to using plates and irons to make the fold. In fact, this season, you can indulge yourself with waves, braids and many other hairstyles that absolutely do not require the use of heat.

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In addition, believe it or not, there are also many methods to straighten hair in a completely natural way and without subjecting it to high temperatures, which damage it especially in summer.

Gather your hair, but gently

Even a simple gesture like a ponytail can stress and break your hair. Therefore they go collected in the correct way not to weaken them. The same goes for tall, tight buns, pulled up so that they stay firmly in place.

The best hairstyles for the hair, capable of keeping it fresh, trendy and soft, are:

  • the low tails;
  • the bedhead effect, that is the slightly disheveled tails that leave the tufts free to come out of the elastic;
  • soft braids, again without pulling the strands too much.

Always nourish your hair with moisturizing and restructuring masks

In the summer, hair needs even more to be nourished and cared for, because high temperatures and atmospheric agents have a much stronger stressful power. For this reason it is necessary to take care of your hair at least once a week (preferably two, if you can carve out some time for yourself) with a restructuring mask.

To detangle your hair gently, you can comb it right during the shutter speed, starting from the tips up to the lengths. In this way, you will not only prevent the product from creating annoying knots. You will also apply it evenly and you will have the certainty that it will act on the whole stem.

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