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How to prepare your hair for the beach: all the tricks


Dreamy hair, shiny and silky even by the sea? Certainly yes, you just need to know how to do it and what precautions to follow to prepare your hair for the beach. Here, then, are the right treatments to be implemented for an always impeccable hair look!

For lovers of the sea, diving in the waves and hours of sunbathing and beach volleyball it is certainly not new. Our hair, shiny, soft and silky, does not like these things as much as we do and the reason is taken. All of these elements contribute to transform our dream hair into a nightmare tangle. Dry, dull and difficult to manage. Obviously only if you don’t know how prepare your hair for the beach to face these enemies of their beauty.

And to do so it takes very little. The important thing is to pay attention to some simple trick in addition, able to give your hair all the protection necessary to prepare them to face the beach and its dynamics in perfect health. Ensuring you a dream hair even by the sea, from morning until evening. For an amazing look that will leave everyone breathless. Here, then, are some useful tips to guarantee you hair always at the top and a wow effect as real protagonists of the summer.

Dream hair? Take care of your nutrition

One of the most important aspects to pay attention to when preparing your hair for the beach is that of act preventively by taking care of the diet (and supplementing it with special foods if necessary). An example? Vitamins, and in particular vitamins A, E and B5, present in foods such as carrots, apricots, tomatoes, broccoli and which are useful for strengthening the hair. But not only.

To prepare the hair for the beach are also very important foods rich in omega 3, such as blue fish or dried fruit, which give greater vigor and strength to the scalp, preserving it from the effects of the sun.

Green light to hydration to prepare your hair for the beach

More, another fundamental element importance for hair care and to prepare them correctly for the external agents of the beach and the sea is thehydration. In fact, drinking lots of water, in addition to being good for the whole body, helps the hair to always remain well hydrated, bright and healthy. Also with the help of drinks such as green tea, which thanks to its antioxidant properties allows the hair to always remain “young” preventing aging.

prepare water summer hair

Prepare your hair for the beach with masks

Still on the subject of hydration and nutrition of the hair, another good habit from include in your beauty routine dedicated to preparing hair for the beach (but not only) is to make yourself masks. At least once a week but even more if necessary. Those based on:

But also those with aloe vera to help the scalp fight sun-induced redness and soothe the skin. To keep on for about 20/30 minutes and give your hair aperfect and lasting hydration and protection. Both as a preparation for the beach and during your amazing vacation.

Choose the right brush!

Be it a brush or comb it doesn’t matter, the important thing is choose the right one. And the reason is soon said. Depending on the type of fold you want to do, the type of hair, whether the hair is dry or wet, opting for one product rather than another can cause damage to the hair fibers. By causing them to break, weaken and create favorable terrain for their damage to the sea.

That’s why, to prepare your hair for the beach (and in general to keep it healthy and beautiful at all times) it is important to choose and use the right brush and comb. Avoiding using them when the hair is wet and better if made with natural products such as wood and natural fibers. But that is not all.

prepare summer hair brush

Be careful how you tie them

To protect them from possible damage, it is also good to be careful not to stress them, tying them too tightly. Better to prefer softer hairstyle, using clips, bands, or a very soft type of elastic, which does not attack the hair shaft.

Getting your hair ready for the beach? Cut it out

In addition, the possibility of slightly trim the hair before leaving. To prepare your hair for the beach, eliminating any split ends and any parts already damaged. Thus preserving them from complications that can create even greater damage (and a rush to your trusted hairdresser for a more drastic cut when you return).

prepare summer hair cut

Password for preparing hair for the beach: protection

Beach, sea, sun. In one word protection. Ok, maybe that’s not what you thought about immediately but in fact, to prepare your hair for the beach and guarantee it maximum care and beauty, it is necessary to protect it from external agents and UV rays and to do this the best way is to act with a adequate sun protection.

Yes, you got it right, as for the skin, the hair also needs these products, to shield itself from the harmful effects of the sun, but also from the saltiness, sand and all those factors that can make them frizzy and dry. Go ahead, then a sprays and oils protected with an adequate SPF factor it’s tall. To be applied before going to the beach and several times during the day.

prepare summer hair oil

Avoid drying them or treating them with heat

Finally, when we talk about how to prepare your hair for the beach, we also mean all those gestures that can weaken them day after day. Bringing them out and making them easier to break during your days of fun under and outside the umbrella. An example? Use straighteners, curling irons or even more simply your dear and beloved phone. High temperatures, in fact, weaken the hair fibers, making them opaque and favoring their breakage.

Better to opt for natural drying, that do not stress the hair and that allow you to preserve and prepare your hair for the beach, guaranteeing maximum health and beauty before, during and after your vacation.

Few and simple tricks able to prepare the hair for the beach e preserve its natural beauty and health. To show off a dream hair in every single moment of your amazing and crazy summer.


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